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Peepshow stories by Pagan Moss
Have Sex Because You Love It
Inside the story of escorts
Hentai Review Poppers
The Peep Show
Can You Go Back
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Older Women Have All The Fun
June 2006
May 2006
Interview with Mistress Katja Minx
Improving Marriages For Men
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Figging: The lost perversion
More Women Using Sex Toys
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Book Review: Switch
August 2006
July 2006
What is asexuality
Paper Pleasures
Seeking the Garden of Eden
Hentai Review Poppers
After 9/11 an Korean Girl's Sexual
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Women and Orgasms
Top Ten Tips for Phenomenal Sex
Adult film star India does her own role
After 9/11: A Korean Girl's Sexual
Journey by Younghee Cha
Bare Back Archive
November 2005
Real-Life Confession of Fantasy.
Naked Comics
Online Dating: And One Night ...
Anecdote: Of 'Dick' and 'Pussy'
Clitoral Piercing And Sex...
Interview with Romance Author Pamela
A Plan For Parents To Follow During X-Mas
Make Your X-Mas Sexier
Sex With Sassy
Why Do Good Girls Like Bad
Sex and The Senses
Doing Man’s Work
Sex On A Schedule
The Simple Plan To Experience Your Fantasy of A
Exploring The Concept of The Heterosexual Bi
Interview with Erotic Writer Alessia Brio
On The Subject Of Blowjobs
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After 9/11: A Korean Girl's Sexual
Interview with erotic author Euftis
Book Review: Artistically Inclined
September 2006
October 2006
After 9/11: A Korean Girl's Sexual
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Book review Amichu
Ladies, Having Trouble Coming? Let's
Medicate You!
Interview with Vonna Harper
Five Myths About Anal Sex
Review of Bliss: by Eutfis Emery
Paper Pleasures review
The Best Hentai of 2006 Awards
November 2006
December Sexy TarotScopes
Book Review: Mistaken Identity
The Best Hentai of 2006 Awards
Hentai Review Poppers Presents...
December 2006
Henati Review
Interview with author Kate Douglas
Book Reveiw Knockin' Boots
The Best Hentai of 2006 Awards
After 9/11: A Korean Girl’s Sexual
Journey by Younghee Cha
January 2007
February 2007
Hentai Review Poppers
Book Review: The Velvet Rope
After 9/11: A Korean Girl's Sexual
Best Hentai of 2006 Awards
Book Review: Sex Secrets of an
American Geisha
Interview with Colleen Coover
comic book artist and illustrator
Hentai Review Poppers
Best Hentai of 2006 Awards
Book Review: Carta Di Paradiso
Book Review: Confessions of a Video
The views of EW:  BBW’s We’ve come
along way baby !
Interview with Gina Page : So You Want
Me to Do What?
March 2007
Book Review: Sex & Submission
Twelve Reasons people cheat
Book Review: A Taste Of Sin
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April's SexyScopes
April 2007
Book Review: Summer Loving
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May's SexyScopes
How women's roles in erotic writing...
May 2007
Summer Fairy Tales Challenge
June's SexyScopes
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Review of SexAudia Internet Radio
The Best Sex Positions - and The
Top Mistakes Men Make During Sex
June 2007
Summer FairyTales Challenge:
Book Review: The Rebirth of a Lost Poet
July's SexyScopes
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9 Easy Ways To Tune Up Your
Seductive Aura
July 2007
Summer FairyTales Challenge:
Book Review: Love Sweet Love
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Behind the Comic Storyboard:
Home Schooled Witchcraft
August 2007
The Winners of the Summer Fairy Tales
Yes, But Can He Play The Trumpet?
Hentai Popper Reviews
September 2007
Hentai Reviews
Sexy Scopes
Five Steps to Re-sexualize yourself
In Response To A Friend To The
Age-Old Question
October 2007
Hentai Reviews
Sex Without Intimacy and Intimacy
Without Sex
Best Hentai of 2007 Awards
November 2007
Long Distance Christmas
Book Review: V3: The Vampire
Vignettes ReVamped
Best Hentai of 2007 Awards
Hentai Review Poppers
December 2007
Call for Submissions - Fairy Tales
Best/Worst Hentai of 2007
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A look at Paradies featured on Bare
Back Magazine
January 2008
Call for Submissions - Anthology: Fairy
Tales Can Come True
Book Review: Self's Blossom
Hentai Awards
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Seduction Tips for All Occasions
February 2008
Call for Submissions - Fairy Tales Anthology
Hentai Reviews
2007 Hentai Awards
Self Pleasure For Men and Women
March 2008
Hentai Review Poppers
Ten Tips for Better Sex and Deeper
Bare Back Magazine's Anthology: Fairy
Tales Can Come True
April 2008
Singular Sexual Spice For Women
Hentai Review Poppers
Book Review: Bound for Success
May 2008
Sexy Self Love for Two
Singular Sexual Spice For Men
Hentai Review Poppers
June 2008
sexy scopes
Cunnilingus 101
Interview with Petula Ceasear
Hentai Review Poppers
July 2008
Hentai Review Poppers
Fingering: Touching Tips to Please Your
August 2008
Review - Abundant Ministeries
Review - Love Etc
Hentai Review Poppers
A Tasteful Guide to Swallowing Semen
September 2008
Movie Review - The Voyeur
Article - Talk Dirty To Me
Hentai Review Poppers
October 2008
Book Review: Verbal Penetration
Eight Erotic Questions With...
Talking about sex with your lover
Hentai Review
November 2008
Book Review: Sexual Deceptions
Eight Erotic Questions With Risque
The Debate Over Proposition 8
A Couple of Positions for G Spot
Hentai Review Poppers
December 2008
Movie Review - This Girl's Life
Interview with Lisa Whitefern
Introducing Sex Toys To Your Partner
January 2009
Interview with Ralph Greco
Interview with Lacey Alexander
Movie Review of Lie With Me
Book Review: Fairy Tales Can Come
Book Review: Voyeur
G-Spot Orgasm Made Easier
February 2009
Hentai Review Poppers
Movie Review: The Dreamers
Interview with Jazz Daladin
Interview with Trista Russell
Book Review: Chocolate Covered
Forbbiden Fruits
March 2009
Book review : The Weekend
Interview with Fred Towers
Interview with Erotic designer/artist Wilson
Movie Review: Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Play By Play - A Little Foreplay Goes A
Long Way
April 2009
Movie Review: Forbidden
Book Review: Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina
Interview with fiction writer David Rasmussen
Interview with erotic comic maker - Jesus
Interview with P. Elaine Archie
How to Make the Most of Your Threesome
June 2009
Movie Review: Nine Songs
Book Review: Sin Club
A History of Oral Sex
Interview with Robert Lubrican
Interview with Consenting Adult Action
May 2009
Movie Review: Strictly Sexual
Book Review: Club Fantasy
Interview with Matthew Dyne
Which Sex Position Is Best for You
August 2009
Movie Review: Cover
Book Review: Friends With Benefits
Hentai Reviews
Love Making Techniques
September 2009
What is Asexuality?
Learn To Talk Dirty
Interview: Jess C Scott
Interview: Ms. Erotica Writings
Book Review: Therapy Rapture
October 2009
Hentai Popper Reviews
Sexual Positions For Deep
Interview with Donna Nadeau
Movie Review:Rotkappchen The
Blood of Red Riding Hood
November 2009
Movie Review: Mango Kiss
Book Review: 4 Play
Make Your X-Mas Sexier: "Are You
Going To Be Naughty Or Nice?"
A Plan For Parents To Follow During
December 2009
Movie Review - One Hour Fantasy Girl
How To Be Sexy as a Couple
New Year's Resolution Hype or
January 2010
6 Sizzling Tips for Hot Valentine’s Day Sex
Six Sexual Fantasies That Many Women Have
February 2010
Fiction & Poetry
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Fiction & Poetry  2005-2007
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Kinda Sorta Kinky
Intimacy In Relationships (Women's
desires revealed)
Movie Review: Inside Deep Throat
March 2010
What's The Big Idea About Oils and Lubes?
Yoga And Sex: Kundalini Yoga
Movie Review: Love Sex and Eating The Bones
April 2010
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May 2010
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June 2010
Book Review - The Pussy Whispers
Book Review - 1-900-Anytime
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Soft Or Hard Swinging, Which is Best
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July 2010
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5 Tips to Doing it Daily
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October 2010
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How to Give a Squirting Orgasm
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How To Perform Cunnilingus - Spice Up
Christmas Through Oral Sex
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