5 Sex Tips for Doing it Daily
by David Christian Solomon

The realization that frequent sex produces numerous emotional
and physical benefits is nothing new. Like many bits of wisdom
it just has been forgotten. The awareness of the abundant
health benefits of frequent sex has been recorded throughout
history. The sage wisdom of “use or lose it” applies to both men
and women. Frequent sex along with exercising the pelvic
muscles goes along way in preventing prostrate problems in
men and incontinence  and prolapse problems in women, just
to name a few of the health benefits.

Just as brushing and flossing your teeth daily prevents serious
dental health problems, frequent sex and stimulation of your
pelvis muscles can prevent serious health issues. And not only
is sex healthy it is fun and exciting---much more than brushing
your teeth.

Here are few sex tips to keep you going:

1. Try different sexual positions to stimulate different muscles.
You don’t have to give up your favorite position, just spend
some time trying different moves for the benefit of variety and
muscle stimulation. Then finish of in your favorite way.

# Exercise the muscles in your tongue and lips. Speech
therapists have a reputation as being some of the best lovers.
They specialize in training and using their lips and tongue for
proper speech enunciation. These exercises make them
especially adept at using their mouth and tongue during sex.
Spend sometime exercising your tongue. Choose a location on
your lover’s body and write the alphabet. Their neck,
shoulders, lower back, and behind the knees are good places
to practice.

To get really good, sign up for speech therapy training.

# Spend 10 to 20 minutes giving a massage. Massage
stimulates skin, improves circulation and helps to flush out
toxins and stress. It is even believed to reduce cellulite.

Like massage, sex improves the flow of blood and it does it
throughout your whole body. It not only improves circulation it
can eliminate headaches too. An orgasm and the improved
blood flow in the spine and the brain it causes may be just the
thing to get rid of a migraine. Men the next time she says “Not
tonight dear, I have a headache.” You can say “I’m sorry. Let’s
have sex and get rid of it.”

# Men learn to flex and relax your PC or “love muscle”. This is
the same muscle you use to stop the flow of urine. Learning to
control this muscle lets you prolong lovemaking and improves
orgasm control. Although the benefits to men of strengthening
the “love muscle” aren’t as far reaching as they are for women,
regular exercise of the PC muscle stimulates blood flow and
helps to keep the prostrate healthy. Combine this with frequent
sex; partner assisted prostrate massage, and proper nutrition
for lifelong prostrate health.

# For the Ladies having a strong and healthy PC muscle is an
absolute must. Your pelvic floor muscles not only keep every in
place down their, strong pelvic floor muscles make orgasms
easier and more intense.

The women of the Caingangues tribe in South America are
known to have pelvic muscles 3 times stronger than those of
the Brazilian city dwelling women. They are stronger because
the way they traditionally carry loads forces them from the time
they are young to have perfect posture and very strong pelvic
floor muscles. The Caingangues women have never heard of
incontinence and were astounded when told that most Western
women rarely orgasm during intercourse.

You are not the only one who gets more pleasure out of a
strong vagina. Strong PC muscles lets you squeeze your lover’
s penis and increase erotic sensations for both of you.

Having trouble falling asleep. A good cure for insomnia is a little
sex and nice orgasm. The relaxation that follows a climax will let
you naturally drift off to sleep.

Ladies need a boost in the morning. A quickie in the morning
gets both your hearts racing, your blood pumping and your
mind clear. Followed by a quick shower and you are fresh and
ready for the challenges the day.

The physical and emotional boost of sex to your self-esteem
can work wonders for you sense of well-being.

Having strong pelvic floor muscles and sex also works as a
laxative. The increased blood flow and muscle activity during
sex and the relaxation following orgasm has numerous benefits
and can solve many problems including constipation.

Feeling stressed? Are you mentally or physically “clogged up”?
What better cure than sex?

Unlike the women of the Caingangue tribe our lifestyle does not
develop strong pelvic floor muscles in women. Studies suggest
proliferate use of the chair further weakens these muscles.
“Kegels” have been recommended to fix this but the squeeze
and hold exercise is not enough to strengthen the pelvic floor.

For “Kegel exercise” to be effective the muscles must be
exercised using resistance, just like any muscle. In fact Dr.
Kegel made this clear in his research but this information gets
left out. Probably because of the difficulty in providing a
convenient means of doing it.

Nowadays women have many methods too that they can use to
get their pelvic muscles in shape for great sex and better health.

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David Christian Solomon
is an writer/researcher
promoting healthy happy
lives through the use of
nutrtiion, exercise and
lifestyle. He is the author
of the  
Easy Orgasm Diet:
How to Restore, Revive
and Release Your
Orgasms, for women.