9 Easy Ways To Tune Up Your Seductive Aura
by Christine Akiteng

Imagine this, you walk into the room, and there he/she is:
bearing serene, body at ease, motions are gentle, mellow and
laid back. He/she raises his/her eyebrows seductively and gives
you a wink from a distance. You walk up to him/her and say "hi",
and that voice with that alluring quality, says "hi" back. You
can't take off your eyes from that mischievous twinkle in his/her
eyes, and then he/she licks his/her lips ... and ah-lah-lah. Your
heart is now thumping against your chest, your mind is racing at
zee km/hr and as for your body, things are happening that you
can't control...

This is the kind of energy that comes from men and women who
are naturally intoxicating; the kind of energy that radiates a
seductive aura of mystery, tranquility, adventure and
excitement. The kind of energy very few of us have.

Here are 9 easy ways to tune up your seductive aura and
radiate that energy that seduces without you doing anything
that doesn't come naturally!

1. Look healthy and physically fit - You don't have to be "good
looking " by society's standards or even have rock-hard abs.
Just having a healthy weight, skin, hair, teeth etc. is associated
with someone with a healthy habits and a healthy inside as well.

2. Play up your uniqueness - People who are different are
always intriguing: different outlook, talents, dress style, culture,
religion, even speaking more than one language is appealing.

3. Be intellectually engrossing - Many people are by nature
curious and usually enjoy learning new things. Showing
knowledge of a particular subject that the other person might
be interested in is always appealing

3. Practice attentiveness - Carefully observe the other person's
actions so as to gauge his or her likes and preferences, and
act accordingly. True attentiveness requires disciplining of the
mind as much disciplining the body.

4. Genuinely love the opposite sex- People who genuinely love
the opposite sex enjoy them and are more naturally flirtatious.
This makes spending time with them enjoyable.

5. Resist the urge for blatant displays of sexuality - Dignified
restraint (verbal and physical) has a more seductive quality
than the obvious all-out-there. A person who understands that
there is a time and a place for everything is very appealing.

6. Be playful - You can never go wrong with being really funny
(not clownish), real witty and open minded. Balancing apparent
planned cleverness with playfulness, and sometimes plain old
silliness can be very seductive. Go as far as being physical
(touch, nudge etc) in a respectable way. Touch is the most
intimate and bonding of all senses.

7. Be real. You cannot fake an aura. It shows your true nature
and intentions for everyone to see. And when your efforts are
no more than an outcome simply of performance and habit, it
leaves a bad feeling in the air.

8. Maximize the use of the moment no matter how fleeting -
Nothing is to be hurried; nothing is to be forced.

9. But above all, a good heart underneath it all makes you
infinitely more interesting than just the outer seductiveness you

Now, go out there and seduce someone special! :-)

Christine Akiteng,
Internationally renowned
Sexual Confidence/Dating
Coach and author of ebook:
The Art Of Seducing Out Of
Fullness� helps men and
women cultivate that
NATURAL EASE that draws
the opposite sex in - without
the mental stress and
emotional frustration of
today's dating dynamics.

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