A Recipe to a Sensual Valentine's Day
By Holly Bentz

The imagination holds the recipe to a sensual Valentine's Day
tryst. With little time to innovate, scheme and prepare for the
big V "day", the ingredients for an ultra-indulgent evening
include the following:

· 2-Parts romance

· 1-Ounce of seduction

· 1 tablespoon of erotica


Although romance seems like a ladies' trove, a number of male
closet romantics are running amok. To create a day of
Valentine's allure, start by sending romantic clues. Either write
a secret love note and plant it on his or her possession or send
a text message to the one you love. The communiqué should
hint at a fun place, activity or surprise the recipient can look
forward to.

Example: You're bound to savor, the sumptuous dessert I've
cooked up for you tonight. Carrying out the shtick could entail
anything from dessert in bed, a blind taste test of several
flavors to a romantic mystery hunt.


Dating as far back as the beginning of kama sutra, the fine art
of seduction has earned a reputation for requiring time, the
stimulation of multiple senses and the development of passion.
Start by building a shrine of candles throughout the room.
Under a potpourri votive candle, warm eucalyptus and lavender
to induce relaxation. As a unique gift alternative, design your
own favor-gift cards, massage and intimacy coupons.

Example message: Redeem this coupon for a 30-minute
massage. (Offer expires: March 14, 2007.)


From provocative art work, sexy literature to a sensually
motivating film, some couples require erotic inspiration.
Integrate your Valentine's Day stimulus -- seamlessly. For
example, if you're reading a naughty novel together, be sure to
reenact the part entirely. Don't be afraid to stage the room to
resemble the book's setting.

Plan a theme. Bring the luau to cold climate or winter to a balmy
environment. If you live in a place like Chicago, plan a romantic
beach picnic, in your living room. Stage as many settings as

· Blanket

· Picnic Basket

· Candle

· Stars on the ceiling

· Palm tree plant

Think beyond the restaurant reservation. Dining out for
Valentine's Day is cliché and conceptualized for couples who
rarely have the opportunity to enjoy a meal outside of their
home. As an alternative, order light hors d'oeuvres, conserve
your energy and avoid food coma by not overindulging.

Valentine's Day gift idea Forget the flowers.
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