BDSM Without Pain
By Paul D Bishop

With all of the BDSM stories and videos out there, it might begin
to look as though you can't have BDSM fun without inflicting or
receiving pain. However, this is not the case for all of those who
love to incorporate BDSM in their lives. You can have BDSM
without any pain. In fact, there are several ways to go about this
sort of pain-free practice.


For those who want to be dominated without pain, a training
session of servitude may offer the control they need. In these
sessions, a slave might be asked to complete a number of tasks,
only to be yelled or privileges revoked when they don't complete
them properly or on time. Or the slave might be put into a
position where they simply need to attend to all of the wishes of
their Master or Mistress, no matter what they want to do on their
own. Another idea is to have a slave that has to ask for
permission to do anything. This can be a severe form of
domination as even the slave's thoughts and desires are
trapped in their mind until they get permission to have them.


A Master or Mistress might also want to use isolation and
confinement to help control their slave without pain. A slave
might be put into a closet or into a small cage without any
interaction from their Dominant. Of course, a Dominant must
never leave a slave unattended for safety issues. Or the slave
might be put into a small area where they can't reach or access
their Dominant, but they can still see them. The Dominant will
then not interact with them, causing the slave to feel as though
they have to do more in order to win back the favor of their
Dominant. The slave might need to be able to stay in that small
area until their Master or Mistress believes they are ready to
come out again. This might be a great way to shift training when
things seem to be getting stale. Have the slave come over and
put them away in their 'Time Out Area' when they misbehave. A
slave that is entrapped is one that will focus more on their
Master or Mistress, as they want to know why they weren't
played with as they normally are.

Movement Restriction

Using bondage can be a painless experience when you know
how to do it right. Binding a slave so that they can't move can be
a severe form of BDSM as it means the slave is not able to do
anything without the help of their Dominant. The slave might be
tied to a bed or to a chair where they cannot do anything but sit
there and wait to be released. Add in a blindfold and the slave is
simply stuck with their own thoughts. The Dominant can then
test them on their training until they feel they are ready to be let

In time when the slave feels ready and agrees, The Master or
Mistress might want to add in complete sensory deprivation. This
can cause the slave to lose all sense of time and space when
this happens. In doing so, the slave will be concentrating only on
their Master or Mistress, which can encourage a stronger slave
mindset, one that is going to serve better in the future.

Without pain, you need to engage the brain more, which can be
a truly rewarding experience. From time to time, it's a good thing
to have a pain-free session. It reminds both people that they
have the ability to control and to be controlled, even when
there's no danger of a bruise.

With that said, many people automatically associate BDSM with
pain, but in fact a large percent of people who actively pursue
BDSM in their life do not incorporate any form of pain play.
BDSM is not about pain, it's about discovering yourself, and
allowing you a chance to enjoy yourself as you are (publicly or
privately). Whether or not this includes any form of pain
depends solely on you and what you enjoy. The point is for you
to remain safe and focus on what you desire.

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