Betters Sex in the New Year: Resolutions to Keep
By John Dugan

The new year fast approaches and, with it, the traditional New
Year's resolutions; why not make some resolutions that can
result in better sex for 2015? Certainly penis health is impacted
by the quantity and quality of the sex it enjoys, so setting up
conditions that promote improvements in the bedroom can be
a win-win for both a man and his favorite body part.

Not surprisingly, some of these resolutions are going to focus
specifically on the penis. But total body health also can have
an impact on sex, so men need to think broadly when making
their New Year's commitments. Among the resolutions to
seriously consider are these:

- Getting more sleep. In this fast-paced world, too many people
don't get the sleep they need. Without sufficient sleep, one's
entire sex game is affected. A guy can't be as witty and
charming as he wants to be when he's sleep deprived. An
ill-timed and unplanned yawn can throw ice water on what was
about to be a steamy "getting to know you" moment. And lack
of sleep can frequently have an impact on the ability to achieve
and maintain erections, as well as on the firmness and
durability of erections. So men need to make a point of getting
an appropriate amount of sleep.

- Eradicating odor. Men sweat. That's just the way it is. A
certain muskiness can be attractive, but when a man reeks,
he's not likely to get a great deal of quality bedtime (with a
partner, that is). Even men who shower regularly and use
deodorant may still find that a certain piece of very important
sexual equipment persistently maintains an unwelcome odor.
The crotch is a trap for sweat, bacteria and strong aromas -
and that can be a huge turn-off to a partner. Extra steps need
to be taken in 2015 to attend to this. (See below for how a
first-rate penis health cream can help with this.)

- Working out. That little bit of extra poundage may not be a
disgrace, but keeping at a desirable weight is simply better for
overall health. Besides, a man with a serious spare tire has
some sexual disadvantages. His package looks smaller. The
extra weight may cause discomfort to those beneath him in
bed. The belly may make proper positioning more difficult to
achieve. All of this means less frequent and less rewarding sex.

- Presenting an impressive tool. Men often think the size of
their junk is everything; in fact, the vast majority of men have
tools that, while not monsters, are certainly of a size that can
get the job done very nicely. More important than size is skill
and the health of the tool. Skill comes with practice; health may
take a little extra care and attention, especially if the penis has
common issues such as dry or flaky skin or redness that may
make it look less than appealing.

Resolutions that result in a healthier penis can definitely pave
the way for better sex in 2015. Men with manhood skin issues
or with a penile odor that is excessive should regularly use a
quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend
Man1 Man Oil). A cream that contains a high-end emollient
(such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E)
can make a huge difference in penile skin issues. One that
contains vitamin A will have anti-bacterial properties that can
attack the cause of persistent member odor at its root. And
vitamin C in a cream is great for collagen production and
penile tissue firmness. Even men without these specific issues
can benefit from the use of a penis health cream; every
advantage to achieving a more active sex life is a welcome
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including soreness, redness and loss
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