Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers makes his film debut in a sexy erotic thriller
Written by Natasha Brooks

Filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, the erotic thriller Careful
What You Wish For is a sexy upcoming thriller that will have
you at the edge of your seat. It stars Isabel Lucas
(Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and former Disney
star Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers. Jonas makes his
feature film debut in this film playing a leading role.

Jonas' character gets caught up in a love affair with a
beautiful married woman. Their love affair turns into a
scandal when the husband ends up dead and a substantial
insurance policy is in question. He soon learns that love will
cost him more than he expected.

This film was directed by Elizabeth Allen ("Aquamarine," "
The Vampire Diaries," "Life Unexpected"). Graham Rogers
(Revolution) plays as Jonas'best friend in the film.

In an interview with MTV News last year before filming,
Jonas admitted that the film will portray him in a way that
people have not seem him before, but in a good way. There
will be lots of sexy and shirtless scenes that at times will
make viewers uncomfortable and excited. He also said that
this erotic thriller has many twists and turns and a great story
line to match the sexy love scenes.

The theatrical release has yet to be set for Careful What you
Wish for. Coming to a theater near you soon, this film is a
movie to watch for.
Click Here to watch the movie trailer.