Chakras and Your Sexuality
by Avril Quadros

Today, I want to discuss CHAKRAS and the effect it has on your
Sex life and in fact your entire life. I bet you did not expect a
connection between the "energy systems of the body and "get
back into Bed" sex! But there is a very strong connection
between the two.

The CHAKRAS are the ENERGY POINTS in the body and there
are 12 MAIN CHAKRAS in the body and they control everything
you feel whether it is "emotional, physical or psychological." I
will just briefly tell you where they are on your anatomy and
then we can discuss their importance.

The 1st chakra is the basic chakra at the root of the spine on
your back. The 2nd is the sex chakra is front of your genitals.
The 3rd chakra is the navel chakra which is in front of your
navel. The 4th and 5th chakras are the front and back solar
plexus chakras. These are located where your diaphragm is, at
the end of your rib cage in the centre and correspondingly in
the same place on your back. The 6th and 7th chakras are the
front and back heart chakras and they are in the centre of your
chest in line with your heart and correspondingly on your back.
The 8th chakra is the throat chakra and it is in front of your
vocal folds. The 9th chakra is the ajna chakra or the third eye
chakra and it is in the centre of your eyebrows. The 10th
chakra is the forehead chakra and it is in the centre of your
forehead above the ajna charka. The 11th chakra is the
backhead chakra and is at the back of your head in line with
the forehead chakra and the 12th charka is the crown chakra
and it is on the top of your head or the crown of your head.

The key to working through your day to day problems is to keep
the chakras clean and to be in touch with what you are feeling.
The sex charka is the key to a great sex life because when it
gets dirty and clogged with negativity you lose touch with your
sexuality. Here is a quick weekend tip you can try. Give yourself
a rinse with sea salt after you have soaped yourself and
intentionally will negativity to wash off from your chakras. Then
rinse with normal water. If you think you need a deeper
cleansing then do the same procedure with a cup of coffee
powder. Coffee and sea salt are great negativity cleansers. You
can also intentionally move energy in an anti clockwise direction
with your hand 3 inches away from your sex charka and say" I
intentionally remove all negative, clogged and dirty energy from
my sex chakra." "I also intentionally remove all dead and excess
coarse energy from my sex chakra." Do this 6-8 times and then
breathe out. In fact you can do this with all your chakras and let
me know how you feel.

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She uses different
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