Clitoral Stimulation and Mutual Orgasm
By Ian J Cox

In a perfect world, at the height of mans deepest orgasmic
thrust, a woman would melt into an entirely orgasmic state and
for men's additional satisfaction it would be even better if
women could ejaculate in pretty colors too, if only to prove to
men that it had actually happened. It seems illogical and
unbelievable, given how quickly thrusting leads to an orgasm
for a man, that a woman would enjoy thrusting in a different
way, and will almost always require the stimulation of her clitoris
for her orgasm to occur.

The problem is that the clitoris is not touched by the penis
during penetration and that means that for most women, no
amount of in/out thrusting, at any speed will ever cause her to
reach an orgasm. In most lovemaking positions it is hard for a
man to stimulate the clitoris during penetration because their
two bodies are pressed closely together. This usually denies a
couple the opportunities for a simultaneous orgasm during

Just to be clear, I'm not knocking thrusting, it is my favorite
thing to do, but try not to get lulled into thinking that as you
thrust faster, or when you are reaching your boiling point, that
she is too. She may make noises matching your level of
excitement, but do not speed up if you are thinking that you will
both reach the finish line at the same time. You will reach the
finish line, and unfortunately she will not.

Women reach orgasm through the clitoral stimulation, so being
a skilled lover means stimulating her clitoris with a vibrator,
finger or tongue. Thrusting at 90 miles an hour, for 90 seconds
or even 90 minutes will not bring her to orgasm, so slow down
and avoid sprinting to an early ejaculation. Enjoy being in the
moment and try to stay there to enjoy it longer.

It is very important that a man not tie his self-esteem to
providing a female orgasm, which ideally he wants to happen
as a result of his penis' thrusting. It is unusual for a female
orgasm to occur by thrusting alone so don't be disappointed
when it doesn't happen. Keep enjoying thrusting to show her
how virile and excited you are about her, but make sure she
has her orgasm too, and the surest way is to use technology
and superior positioning for mutual fun.

Technology provides us with powerful vibrator, which is
considered most effective for a woman's clitoris. Dr Ruth
endorses this vibrator claiming it is preferred by 70% of women
in a recent study. Multi speed, easy on off slider switch, with
many choices of stimulating heads, this vibrator is generally
considered the best for clitoral stimulation. A superior position
is required because in most positions there is no space
between bodies during penetrating lovemaking, usually
resulting in an un-stimulated clitoris. Two new inventions solve
this problem, a hands free vibrator holder provides ideal
positioning and adjustability for direct clitoral stimulation, and
the newest sexual positioning furniture creates the ideal female
lovemaking position for male thrusting and clitoral stimulation at
the same time. These are the ingredients for a simultaneous
orgasm you just need good timing to make it happen.

It is a good idea to make erotic love for a long time to relish in
the experience and then ask her the ideal time to switch on the
vibrator, but make sure you adjust it into position and
familiarize yourself with the on/off switch prior to lovemaking.
Men should be cautious against early ejaculation, but prepared
for the best of pleasures as you will notice the vagina walls
contract during her orgasm and they will certainly clamp hard
onto your penis. A man has to be careful because he is
receiving 3 different stimulations to his penis at the same time.
1/ The natural awesomeness of entering the mouth, feeling the
cervix inside and enjoying the walls and depths of her vagina.
2/ The contractions of the vaginal walls on her climb to orgasm,
and 3/ The notice-able tickle of a nearby vibrator permeating
through her vaginal wall to your penis.

Caution is required to avoid a premature ejaculation and often
the only defense is withdrawing the penis entirely to for a few
seconds to cool off. Erotic massage is perfect because it keeps
the pleasure and closeness going if a man needs to lower his
own stimulation level. It is better to temporarily withdraw and
re-enter several times than it is to ejaculate too early. Better
still if you can communicate or guess when the absolute best
time to be inside of her, is. After some short breaks and
re-entering several times you can roughly guess how long you
can last before ejaculation for when you decide to go for the
gusto. All you have to do is to guess when she is the same
amount of time away from her climax, as you are and that will
be soon, now that the vibrator is working its special magic., is a business that is promoting and exploring
human sexuality. A big part of living a rich life is having a
fulfilling and meaningful sex-life. Loverlonger is dedicated to
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Ian J Cox is a married
Hot Air Balloon Pilot who
designs and sells Erotic
Massage Furniture and
Hands Free Vibrator

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