Crazy Sex Positions She Will Always Try
by Bellaisa Filippis

Want to try something new with your woman in bed tonight that she will
love? Then give these crazy sex positions a try! She's sure to want to give
them a go and see what happens, and she will most likely want to do
them again and again.

The Mountain Pose

Sit towards each other with your knees up and lean back on your hands.
Move towards each other until you are in a comfortable and connected
position. You will have to raise yourself up a bit and hold to start pumping
back and forth, but it will feel so good you won't notice the workout.

She will love this position because you will be able to stare into each
other's eyes - if you want to, and it will feel extremely personal and
intimate. Plus she will be able to stimulate her clitoris on your pelvis.

The G-Spot Stimulator

Sit down on the edge of the bed, with one leg hanging down and one leg
up on the bed, and have your woman sit down the same way on top of
you, but facing away from you. She can also have both of her knees pulled
up to her chest with her feet resting on the bed if she likes.

She will love this position because it will stimulate her g-spot. So if you
haven't been able to get a g-spot orgasm out of her then this would be the
move to try!

The Meditation Pose

Sit down with your legs crossed, and have your woman sit in your lap
facing you with her legs wrapped around you. You can embrace in this
position in a hug like embrace.

She will love this position because it involves a rocking motion instead of
thrusting and makes it a very intimate position because of this. You can
also look at each other if you want which increases the intimacy of the sex

The Standing Pump Pose

Have her stand in front of you facing away from you then bend her over.
You can have her hold herself with her hands on the floor in front of her, or
you can hold on to her wrists and offer her support that way while she
bends over.

She will love this position because the bent over stance will tighten her
vaginal walls and increase the pleasure of the friction. She will also love
the naughtiness this position brings as you can bend her over anywhere
you are and anytime.

The Thigh Master Pose

Lay down with one leg bent up and the other leg straight out in front of
you, then have her straddle you from the side so that both her legs are
positioned on either side of your bent leg. She will do the work in this

She will love this position because she can rub her clitoris on your thigh
as she moves up and down for extra clitoral stimulation. She can also
turn her head to see you if she likes or she can look the opposite way. It
gives her complete freedom to do what she wants to do.

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