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Real-Life Confession of Fantasy and Sex 2005
by an Anonymous Author

I remember the day my husband became my fantasy lover. I was
always taught by my parents growing up that a woman should always
be sexually reserved. Steve and I had been having "regular" sex for
almost seven years. Then finally one day Steve told me that he
wanted to share his fantasy with me. His fantasy was to dress up in
women's underwear, wear nylon, a short mini skirt and high hills. He
said that he felt that he was a lesbian in a man's body. At that
moment, I did not understand what he meant. How could I have not
known that? Steve had felt this way for years and had not told me
anything about his fantasy. Steve held me tight that night as he
discussed his fantasy a little more. I was amazed, but at the same time

A few weeks later, it was Steve's 35th birthday. I had a surprise for
him. I bought him a pair of black nylon pantyhose, black high hill
shoes, a short black mini shirt, and black sheer blouse. In addition, I
decided to get a paddle, lube, and adult toys to spice up the night.

I left work early. Arriving home around 12pm. This gave me time to set
the mood in the house. I also bought nylon, and black tights, a mini
shirt, and tank top for myself. I called Steve at work, checking on his
progress at work. He said that he was "trying" to leave early, because
he knew that I had planned a surprise for him.

I called Steve at work an hour later and asked him to meet me at
Jacob's Restaurant around 6pm. Steve was excited and we spent a
nice relaxing time at the restaurant before heading over to our place.
He had been questioning me at dinner about my birthday surprise for
him. I just smirked each time he would ask because I knew a hot time
was in store for that evening. Steve was very turned on and after we
got back to our place Steve began caressing my breast and kissed
me passionately. It almost felt as if we teenagers. We stripped down
naked and got into the shower together. Steve asked me to shave his
private part so he would be nice and slick for tonight. I began to shave
his dripping cock hair. At that moment I began to imagine him as a
female. I slid my body up facing him, then turned him around and
squeezed his full ass.

"That's my pussy...I said." Steve was stunned because I had very
rarely used curse words.

"Uh...yes...its yours..." He managed to stutter.

"Oh yes." I said

I began to spank his ass with my bare hands, he quivered and held
onto the walls in the shower. At that moment, I began to refer to him
as a female. And his fantasy was soon to become our fantasy.
I had always fantasized about being a lesbian, so I thought, why not
make this fantasy come true for my husband and myself. I guided
Steve to the bedroom and dried his body with a towel.  I stood there
admiring his body while my body was still soaking wet.

I sat Steve down on the bed and brought out some tights and nylon
pantyhose. Still trying to decide which I would wanted him to wear.
Steve had always had a fetish for me wearing tights and pantyhose. I
love the way they feel on my body, especially around my crutch area.
The feeling of tights and nylons is so sensuous. I grabbed onto his
legs and reached for the nylon, and began to roll them up his feet and
legs. Nylon seems to cover his imperfections and accentuated his
body shape.  I loved the way it made his legs look girlie. I have to
admit I have always admired his beautiful legs and would fantasize
about him wearing nylon while we made love. And that night, it was
cumming to a head.  I ran my hands up and down his legs, pretending
that they were on another woman's. My body had completely dried as I
knelled on my knees before him.

Well, his fantasy was coming true. That night, I dressed him in black
nylon and black high heels under his mini skirt. I had dressed myself
in black tights a mini shirt and tank top. I gently combed Steve's hair
and applied red lipstick and blush to his face. He was so
overwhelmed, that he grabbed my face and kissed me. At that
moment, I was in ecstasy. Seeing him like this and being the one to
fulfill his fantasy felt so right. Steve and I caressed each others'
bodies and grinded against each others bodies, simulating as if we
were lesbians. I sucked on his nipples and bit down quickly and he
sucked slowly on mine.

I decided to get the paddle, and adult toys to spicing up things. Steve
seemed to enjoy being paddled on his behind. And me using the
adults toys on him.

We played and laughed, rolling over and over. We made love. We
continued to make love then relaxed into each other's arms. I looked
in the mirror and saw how beautiful we both looked in nylon and saw
the look of ecstasy on my husband's face. And how I was the one to
fulfil his fantasy.  

If Steve had not told me about his fantasy, I would have never known,
and we would not have had the most incredible sex. And thats how
Steve became my fantasy lover. Steve now has his own wardrobe of
women's clothing, and I must say his taste in clothing is getting better.  
Its so good to share your fantasies with people that you trust and
when you love the person it is even more sweeter.
©2005 All rights reserved.