By Lila Dubois©

This activity is best for people interested in:

Anal, Dominance/submission, Sadism, Corporal Punishment, Self-

In a world where more and more people are stepping out, and stepping
up, to exploring their own sexual fantasies it seems that there are very
few perversions left unexplored. Things that were taboo even ten years
ago now have societies of enthusiasts who hold conferences. This new
attitude has made it easy and fun to explore new possibilities for
bedroom romping but has taken away some of the mystery, nothing feels
‘new.’ For those who feel this way and are frustrated let me present a
lesser explored perversion which can appeal to many different people.

Figging is the lost art of using cut ginger as a sex toy. While enthusiasts
debate the exact origins of figging the most supported and realistic
history is that figging as we know it today started in Victorian England. As
lovers of corporal punishment, from flogging and caning to hairbrush
spanking the Victorians are known for their ability to get creative with
behavior correction. Figging most specifically refers to carving an anal
plug out of a finger of ginger and then inserting it into the anus before a
spanking. This was done to increase the discomfort of the
spanking/caning/whipping. The ginger generates a burning sensation as
the ginger juice diffuses into the soft tissue of the sphincter. This burning
prevents the subject from clenching their ass cheeks as doing so
increases the burning. Reportedly being unable to clench the buttocks
during a spanking increases the impact of each strike and makes it last

The Victorians really knew their spankings.

This activity can be adapted by many different people. For anal play
enthusiasts the implications, and uses, are obvious. One warning is that
ginger, while tough, can break and so you must be very very careful. If you
choose to carve the finger of ginger into a true plug do not make the neck
too thin or it will break. The effects last about a half an hour.

For D/s players this activity can be incorporated into a scene in several
different ways. It can be incredibly erotic to have a plug of ginger inserted
forcibly while the sub is bound in the Dom’s position of choice. To
increase the effects the Dom can order the sub to clench his/her ass,
thereby increasing their discomfort while reinforcing their submission.

For those who simply love the bite of pain a freshly carved piece of ginger
held tightly in the ass can be very painful. The effects are similar to that of
some commercially sold creams so anyone who likes the burning
sensation of those will like this.

Finally there are those who would use figging as the Victorians intend it,
as an enhancement for a good spanking. If you are going to turn your
little girl over your knee to giver her a good spanking first put a nice thick
plug of ginger in her bottom and then watch her squirm and squeal as it
burns her. The effects can be increases by pinching the cheeks of the
ass together and holding them closed for 30 seconds and then letting
go. If you plan to leave the ginger in for the spanking be careful not to hit it
directly and force it all the way in your partner’s anus.

This activity is intended only for use in the ass or slivers of ginger on the
lips. NEVER put a piece of ginger inside a vagina as it is much too acidic
and could do real harm. If you are very careful a fun variation is to take a
tiny piece of ginger and hold it on the clit for a minute or so, but no more.

With all the variations and implications possible with this simple yet
wicked activity it is certainly worth trying.

Figging: The lost perversion.
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