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Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?
Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? Tips for Men on How To be Good.
by Tonia Mansfield

Why do good girls like bad boys? I know from my own experiences. Bad boys
tend to be good in bed. This is not a rule but is more consistent then not. I think
this is because bad boys know that if they don’t have the “niceness” of a good
guy, they might as well be especially good at something…sex.

My background, info is that I grew up in a religious family. I have a college
degree and I am considered a “good girl” because I have done the right things for
the majority of my life. I didn’t have a boyfriend until college because my
parents were so strict, and I didn’t have any real freedom until I went to college.
My life I felt was boring, I wanted adventure and excitement.

Back in college, I fell in love with my first “bad boy.”  You can spot most “bad
boys” the second he enters the room. Characteristics: Overly confident, highly
aggressive, conceited, but has an element of charm that is actually very
intriguing.  And sometimes, your instincts tells you in your gut that this guy is
wrong, but curiosity gets the best of us.  And before you know it you are
sucked into the web of a “bad boy.”

This guy who I will call Jason X was so charming. But he also lied, and knew
how to manipulate my emotions to get into my comfort zone, which I had
guarded for so many years. He told me what he thought I wanted to hear to get
what he wanted and most of the time that was sex. He knew how to play with
my emotions but he was disconnected from me emotionally.

I have to admit, the need to be loved and low self esteem played a major part of
my decision to be with a man who I knew was not good for me. It was not only
the sex, but also the way he carried himself. He was so confident, it was sexy
because it was a sign of his strength, and at that point in my life and many
years after that, I did not feel confident in myself, because I did not know who I
was and what I really wanted in my life. Being with a bad boys became an
obsession that I craved.

Society and the media glamorize the bad boy image. I can not blame society or
the media for my poor judgment, but it doesn’t help.  I went through a series of
these kinds of relationships, until finally I decided that I deserved better.

My advice for “good guys” is don’t try to be something that you are not,
because believe me, Karma is a mother*cker. What you do will come back to

Yes, you can get a good woman without being bad. You don’t want to just
satisfy her sexually, you want to satisfy her mind and genuinely want to move
towards a healthy relationship.  If you don’t want to have a serious
relationship, be honest about your feelings.

.As I look back at my life, I see that the reasons I was choosing bad guys was
because of my lack of self esteem. But after years of series of relationships with
men who were not good for me, I realized that I deserved a man who would
treat me right.

A good man does not have to stand alone. A good man needs a good woman. A
good man learns at some point in  his life that being a "good man" means that
you think good and think positively; is good natured, have good habits,  and is
honest. And this is actually something that people can see.

A good sexual relationship is essential to having a healthy relationship. It is not
all of what comprises a relationship, but is a very important part.

Romance is important, Of course this goes both way, but if you show the
initiative, your partner will surely follow your lead. Take charge while still
remaining a gentleman. Someone who can be firm and gentle at the same time.
Show me you're a man by treating me like a woman.

Get to know your woman’s fantasies and dreams and tap into this information
to make her fantasies and dreams come true.

I hate to say it, but a lot of men don’t really listen to their partners. This is
something that takes time and practice.  Encourage her to discuss her desires
and goals and participate in helping her reach those goals with good intentions;
this will arouse her body and her mind..You don’t have to be a conceited,
obnoxious man to your partner to get respect and love. Good character is very
important to being a good man.  But you have to make the time and effort to be
a good man to your partner...
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©2006 by Tonia Mansfield
All Rights Reserved
Readers Comments:

A GOOD WOMAN. ---AMY     (12/21/06)

I love the way you wrote that. It is something about a bad boy that
does draw curosity to a good girl. Once you know that you are
worthy of respect and when you begin to know who you
are as an individual then bad boys will not be a thing of curosity.
---Tiffany  (4/5/07)

I just read your article while looking for a sexual question.  I agreed
with the author of your article. I too was very sheltered and did not
know what a healhty relationship was. I looked for the bad boys
without realizing that was what i was looking for. I have been working
on my self esteem and realized that if you don't like yourself than you
are looking for someone else to like you. The bad boys know this and
they will use and when they get done with you they will throw you a
side.  Untill recently i did not know what it was like to have someone
to add to my life.  I am involved in a very young
relationship where he takes care of me and is concerned about how i
feel and at this point it is very scary. ---Cookie (07/25/07)

I dont know, but its just something about bad boys...I guess its that
protective feeling you get from it...but i fall in love when i see a bad
boy...i cant leave them alone ---Taiya  (07/27/07)

Looking back over the years, I have seen that there is a tendency for
girls in general to gravitate towards the "bad" boys. It is the glamour,
the air of rebellion and the personal charisma of these boys that
becomes attractive. The strange thing is that boys, too, are attracted
towards these "bad" boys and enjoy being their lackeys and yes men.
Maybe, as the author has stated, the girls find sex with these boys
more exciting and satisfying. I feel it is the thrill of being in bed with
them, and the fact that they have scored above their peers, that
generates more than half the orgasmic qualities of the encounters.
"Good" boys, as the author points out, lack that spark that will
inflame young passions. It has more to do with the Mom and apple
pie syndrome. "What will people say?" That causes "good" boys to
be more judgemental and sarcastically snide. All this while they are
burning with jealousy inside. Ultimately, I feel, the majority of both
the "bad" and the "good" boys mellow and lead responsible lives.
The losers are the girls, unfortunately. Mainly because they have
achieved dubious reputations from their relationships with the "bad"
boys. That stigma never attaches itself to the boys.
Society is strange in its valuations and judgements. I just have this to
say in conclusion. Judge and evaluate both the sexes with fairness and
don't put the onus of responsibility on the girls.
------Robin from India   (08/08/07)