Great American Sex Diet - Recipes For Great Sex
By Hadley Finch

The happiest couples enjoy an active sex life, making love at
least 2-3 times each week with their beloved partner to keep
happy, sexy love hormones flowing for a brain in love. They
enjoy the healthy longevity benefits that stem from an active
sex life in a committed relationship known as the marriage

Unhappy couples often complain that sex has become
infrequent, predictable or non-existent. If couples allow the
sexual fire to die in their relationship, one or both partners may
feel justified in seeking emotional, physical, spiritual satisfaction
elsewhere, on the slippery slope of affairs that often lead to

"Divorce is a failure in creativity," I often say. Now I'll reveal a
creative alternative which rekindles the sexual spark even in
couples who are stressed out, who have little or no desire for
sex with their partner, and who may be on the brink of breaking

As I devoured the book, The Great American Sex Diet by Laura
Corn, I was delighted to discover her simple erotic recipe for
great sex that endures for decades:


Upon first glance, you may misinterpret the second ingredient
in this erotic recipe. Variety does not mean having sex with
multiple partners, but creating sexual surprises that keep things
fresh and fun for decades in a committed relationship. Why do
couples need a variety of sexual surprises?

Because a cause of sexual malaise is predictability. The author
describes it as a feeling that the partner you love and adore will
not, cannot surprise you any more.

If you separately ask each partner if they can predict how
they'd make love that night, and they each answer, YES, then
that's red flag. It's a warning sign you need to get unstuck from
the sexual rut of predictability before sexual desire dies. How
do you start?

You'll discover dozens of surprises that spice up sex, wrapped
in packages labeled for women's eyes only and for men's eyes
only. You won't let your partner read your menu of surprises,
because that would spoil the surprise. I won't be the spoiler by
revealing the surprises here, but I encourage you to add them
to your couples love toolkit today.

Why is anticipation the first ingredient in this erotic recipe?

"When you create a sense of anticipation surrounding sex, you
give your partner a route to recharge their lust," says author,
Laura Corn. "Remember when you first met and you pawed at
each other, teased each other, reveled in the waiting period as
much as the consummation itself, because you never knew
what was going to happen next?"

Your physical and sexual attraction was palpable and ready to
ignite like a wildfire, because of anticipation. Without it, sex
often feels predictable and you may take each other for
granted. "Oh, it's you again."

The face and body that used to drive you wild with sexual
desire can seem like the same old, same old-unless you create
a magical sense of anticipation. How do you start?

You'll discover many tools and techniques of seduction when
you embark on The Great American Sex Diet which takes you
and your partner on a romantic journey lasting 28 days. Each
time you introduce a new position, technique or toy from your
new sexual treasure chest, you not only expand your sexual
horizons but you also charge your sexual batteries and your

If your sex life only revolves around the missionary position,
then one or both of you eventually will feel bored. When you
infuse your sex life with anticipation and a variety of sexual
surprises that are suggested in this book, you can enjoy great
sex for decades.

How do you define, "Great sex?"

"Great sex is whatever you believe it to be, whatever makes
you feel good on the inside and out," says the author. "Great
sex changes all the time. Sometimes it's about having a wild,
fun time. Sometimes it's more slow and romantic. Sometimes it's
being able to connect on the level of the soul."

The common denominator for all great sex is that the two
people sharing the experience are both into it together. They
are intimately united in body, mind, spirit.

There's another important ingredient that could be added to
this erotic recipe: FREQUENCY. It's called The Great American
Sex Diet because you will nourish yourself and your sexual
partner each day for 28 days. What results can you expect?

Thousands of couples who followed this 28 day sex diet later
gave this feedback to the author: Couples who commit to
having regular sex report that they feel better, feel more alive.
They can see this when they look in the mirror. They feel
stronger, more orgasmic, more connected physically,
emotionally, spiritually. Some couples even got pregnant on
their 28 day great sex diet.

If you desire a new menu of erotic recipes for undying sexual
passion, you'll love the full-meal deal you and your beloved will
savor in The Great American Sex Diet.

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