Exploring The Concept of The Hetrosexual Bi Female.
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Exploring The Concept of The Heterosexual Bi Female.
by Tonia Mansfield

It seems that women in record numbers are suddenly declaring
themselves bisexual. According to a new report from the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention more women are
experimenting with bisexuality .

A lot of people would debate on whether a woman can be a
heterosexual bi female and not be a bisexual female. A
heterosexual bi female is a female who is clearly a heterosexual
but has bisexual tendency. In most cases what makes the
heterosexual bi female different from a bisexual female is that the
heterosexual bi female are more inclined to have a more serious
relationship with a male than a female.

In our society, women experimenting with their sexuality and with
other woman is more acceptable and thus we have more women
who could be categorized as a heterosexual bi females. And
sometimes people may confuse this and simply classify the
woman as being bisexual. But I think there is a difference.

The perfect example of heterosexual bi females are Angelina Jolie,
Madonna, and Christina Aguilera.  All of these women are clearly
heterosexual but have a sexual attraction to women. What they
all have in common is that they are highly independent women
who are in touch with their sexuality, possibly more than most
people. So maybe one of the characteristics would be someone
who is open minded in all aspects of life especially when it comes
to her sexuality.

Okay granted, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Christina Aguilera are all
in serious relationships with men at the moment, but they have
in the past expressed their sexual desire for women openly. For
example, Angelina Jolie was actually in a relationship with model
and Foxfire co-star Jenny Shimizu in 1996, before her marriage to
Billy Bob Thornton or romance with Brad Pitt. When told that
many of Jane magazine's female readers had nominated her as
"The Female Actor Who Makes Your Knees Weak," Jolie
responded, "They're right to think that about me, because I'm the
person most likely to sleep with my female fans. I genuinely love
other women. And I think they know that."

Since she hit the Hollywood radar in 1996, she has been very open
about her sexuality. And have openly told numerous reports about
her interests in women. She said that the press made her  
relationships with women not the beautiful thing that it is; Jolie
replied in an interview with Access Hollywood a few years back.

Madonna has openly expressed her desire for women, and has
been paired with many females. There has been some speculation
about her past relationship with Rosie O'Donnell. And most
recently who can forget the Madonna -Britney Spears kiss during
the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

And yes, Christina  kissed Madonna too. Christina Aguilera has
been quoted as saying: "I love experimenting with my sexuality. If
that means girls, then so be it," " Christina Aguilera has also said
that she loves looking at women, hinting that she enjoys going a
lot further with them than a very public kiss.

This is not just centered around celebrities, but just women in
general do have an affinity towards one another. It is not
something that should be looked down upon. It is something that
is apart of being a human being. And the experience of sex makes
it even more special.

My point is, heterosexual bi females are more common than you
think. It is a part of  human nature and is something that is more
innate in woman then men. Its more than just being curious
about your true sexual attraction. Its about empowering that
attraction and having a open mind and willingness to be open

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