How To Perform Cunnilingus - Spice Up Christmas Through Oral Sex
By Jeff M. Smith

With the holidays approaching, finding new and wanted gift
ideas for your woman is probably weighing on your mind.
Instead of getting her just a gift, how about learning to perform
cunnilingus and give her a Christmas present she will really

Most women really enjoy receiving oral sex but many will not tell
their man that is what they want. If you perform cunnilingus on
her during the holidays it will be an added present she will

The key is to make it not only pleasurable but memorable as
well. Here are some tips on giving her oral sex as well as
keeping it as a memory.

Tip #1 - Make It A Special Occasion

It is easy to get too caught up in all of the festivities of the
holidays and not take time for your woman. Plan a night to get
away. If you have kids, arrange an overnight babysitter or send
them to the grandparents. Take her out for a nice dinner, treat
her like a lady, and tend to her emotional needs. This is the
best way to begin to get her in the mood.

When you get back to your house or hotel room, do not rush
into getting undressed and getting down to business. Take
some time to get her relaxed and her mind off any other
distractions. Offer to massage her neck and shoulders.

Also offer to take a relaxing bath or shower with her and feel
free to massage her a bit there. A bit into all of this, begin to
explore more of her erogenous zones. Do not just focus on her
genitals but rather focus on other areas of her body that she
likes touched and caressed.

Setup the night to be remembered by her and when you
perform cunnilingus she will always remember it.

Tip #2 - Take Gentle Control

Once you are ready to give her oral sex, take control of the
moment. Lay her down or have her how you want her and
where you will be comfortable as well. Kiss all over her body
and slowly work your way down on her. This is another
opportunity to explore her other erogenous zones with your
mouth and tongue.

Areas that are always good to explore with kisses are her ears,
neck, breast, and inner thighs. As you work your way down to
the inner thighs, make sure you breath warmly on her while

Tip #3 - Follow Her Body Cues

As you begin to perform cunnilingus, follow her body cues. If
she jerks, you may have hit an area initially too sensitive. Find
another area to stimulate with your mouth instead. As she
starts to gyrate and grind her hips, follow her. Follow her pace
and not your own. Her body will tell you when you are doing
something right or wrong.

Using these tips will help you perform cunnilingus in a way that
your woman will always remember as a special holiday treat.

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