Inside the story of escorts: Its not so taboo anymore
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Why do men want escorts? Of course, most men will eventually
deny seeking an escort but it is more common then you think.
Simply because its easy. A man can order an escort on the
Internet or over the phone, with no problems. To stay in
business, an escort service can't legally advertise sex for money,
but a lot of the times sex may or may not be involved in the date.

Imagine a businessman, or even a doctor these are often the
types of men who seek out escorts because their lives are too
hectic to have real intimacy at that particular time in their lives.
Men who seek escorts are not nerdy or perverted guys, most are
average and sometimes above average men who are just looking
to have a fantasy date or just lonely. In fact, many of the men
who seek escorts simply do not have time to do the courting that
is required when trying to find a date so they opt to find an
escort. It is less of a hassles to deal with than the dating game.

Okay, lets get back to fantasies. Sex is not part of the deal
legally, but I think that if the price is right, almost any escort will
be willing to have sex with their client. But literally speaking
there are a lot of people that are not escorts who would do the
same if the price is right; so what would you call those people?   I
know that there are a lot of married men who seek escorts out
because their wife are unwilling to fulfil sexual fetishes, such as
having anal sex. So what is this saying to the wifes? Be more
open with your man and be willing to fulfil more of his fantasies.

Call it what you want, escorts are not taboo anymore. Whether
you think it is right or wrong, it is perfectly legal and more
popular than you may think. Otherwise, escort services both
private and independent escorts would not be making as much
money legally.

Below, I interviewed an anonymous male who claims that he seek
out escorts for companionship and for sexual pleasure.

Q.  For you, what is the difference between getting a prostitute
verses an escorts?

A. A prostitute is more risky when it comes to sexually
transmitted diseases as well as the potential for other physical
dangers including getting robbed. Most prostitutes are not as
sophisticated as an escorts. Believe it or not, if you go to a
reputable escort service like in New York or LA, you can have a
customized and clean woman to fit your needs whether it is for a
date or for sex.

Q. Why would you choose to be with an escort instead of dating

A. Dating is too complicated for my lifestyle, too much drama for
me. Going through an escort service is so much easier.  Everyone
wants to have a sexy lover. Even if you don't have a real one, you
would like to pretend you have one, and thats where escorts
come in"
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