Intimacy In Relationships (Women's Desires Revealed)
by Chris Walez

In this Article, Intimacy in relationships may come as a surprise
to you because from a man point of view, oral sex or only sex is
intimacy. Of course WRONG. Never think about intimacy in this

Intimacy in relationships is all about understanding the female
you're approaching. In your relationship you have to know
about what she feeling, thinking, her responses and what turns
her on etc. These are extremely important points for building up
intimacy in your relationship.

"Birth of Intimacy is in emotional state"

You have to focus your woman's emotional state first in order to
fire up your sex life. Lets talk about a few tips for creating
intimacy in relationships.

Discuss things with your partner rather then dictating your sex

Focus on emotional intimacy first. Then go for physical intimacy.

Explore new fantastic things in your sexual life together.

Make it all about your woman pleasure. After that you will get
the best in return.

Sometimes people have nothing in their minds but sex and its
true in some cases but for quickies (Again, if you both have
strong emotional bond then quickies will do a charm in your
relationship) But if you want to fire things up all around your
home then you can get your wife thinking about you that's what
has to come then you are in for a wonderful amount of fun.

Recently, I was reading a survey about what women want and I
was pretty amaze at those results. 68 percent of women said
that they wish they were having MORE sex. But wait. This was
all because of a lack of intimacy in relationships. You have to
master and create intimacy so you can have a healthy
wonderful relationship with your wife. So let's have a look on
what women want from men or think.

1. Pinning HER against the wall for long make-out session is
the no.1 fantastic seduction move.
2. They want their man to ask them to pose naked.
3. Women desire sexual fantasies as much as men do.
4. She prefers wild love making.
5. Women want men to dominate them sexually.
6. Loves very much to be kissed by you in front of her friends.
7. They want you to talk dirty to them in bed.

See... If you activate these few tip then you can create intimacy
in your relationship and surprise your spouse. Love, Intimacy,
Sex and Relationship... none of these can happen without
emotional connection between two people. So for having wild
love making sessions and intimacy in your relationship you
need to strengthen emotional connection with your partner first.

By these few initial tips and surveys result, you can make your
wife go wild by experiencing the best lover ever. When
anticipation leads the sexual tension in the right way then the
instruments of a woman gives the loveliest and wildest melody.

Learn the secrets of female instruments, be her best lover and
take your love life to expert level.

Learn the in-depth secrets and make your girl/wife/woman drool
over you. Create Intimacy in your relationships and Change
Your Life forever.

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