Is Your Spouse Cheating? - 21 Ways to Tell
By Ruth Houston

Because infidelity now affects 80% of all marriages today, more and more
people are educating themselves about the signs of infidelity. There are
21 major areas of concern if you think you might have a cheating spouse.
These 21 areas of interest correspond to the 21 major categories of
infidelity signs covered in Is He Cheating on You - 829 Telltale Signs. And
they apply to cheating women as well as cheating men.

Physical Appearance -A cheating spouse will express a sudden desire to
look more attractive. He or she will begin to enhance or upgrade their
appearance in some way. So if your spouse suddenly embarks on a
drastic makeover, it's probably to impress the Other Woman or the Other
Man. There are at least 76 different changes in wardrobe, grooming
habits, and personal hygiene which indicate your spouse may be having
an extramarital affair.

How Your Spouse Relates to You - Your spouse's involvement with
someone else will cause him or her to treat you differently -- even on a
subconscious level - in over 70 different ways. This is an area where the
betrayed spouse who knows what to look for, can spot signs of infidelity
that even a private investigator might overlook.

Conversational Clues - What a cheating spouse chooses or refuses to
talk about can alert you that he or she is having an extramarital affair. They
may mention new people, places or things, while the people, places and
things they used to talk about are no longer a part of their conversation.
There are 70 conversational clues you can listen for can will give you
valuable information about your spouse's affair.

Work Habits - Cheating spouses often use work-related excuses to
account for large blocks of time away from home. Working late is the most
common cover for an extramarital affair. A change in your spouse's work
habits can also indicate that your spouse is involved in a workplace affair,
so familiarize yourself with the 39 work-related telltale signs.

Day-To-Day Behavior - We all have a routine that we usually follow each
day. A cheating spouse will often display a dozen or more of the 92
deviations from their normal pattern of behavior. These deviations are
important telltale signs.

Financial Affairs - Affairs cost money. A cheating husband will wine and
dine his mistress, entertain her and buy her flowers and gifts. A cheating
wife will also buy her lover occasional gifts and spend more money than
usual to keep herself looking good. These are just a few of the 52
financially-related telltale signs.

Travel - Travel gives the cheating spouse an opportunity to cheat far from
the sight of prying eyes. There are 27 travel-related signs of infidelity
including bogus business trips and legitimate business travel that
combines a little pleasure on the side. If your spouse's trips occur more
frequently or last much longer than usual, these could be telltale signs.

Personality or Behavioral Changes - If your spouse is cheating, there will
be noticeable changes in their attitude, personality or behavior. Knowing
what to look for is the key. Ranging from drastic to subtle, there are 36
changes of this type which can indicate infidelity.

Absences - Affairs usually require an investment of time. A cheating
spouse's absences will become noticeable in 39 different ways, as they
steal time away from other activities spend with their lover.

Telephone Tip-Offs - Extramarital affairs depend on repeated contact;
much of which takes place by phone. Countless cheating spouses have
been exposed, either directly or indirectly, by one or more of the 76
telephone tip-offs of infidelity.

Car Clues - A cheating spouse's car can contain a wealth of telltale signs.
Between the glove compartment, car seats, tire well, visor, ashtray, floor
mats and other nooks and crannies, there are at least 40 signs of
infidelity a knowledgeable spouse can find.

Sex - Be alert for changes of any kind in the frequency or quality of your
sex life together. If you spot one of the 37 sex-related signs of infidelity
which indicate an extramarital affair, take steps to protect yourself. You
could be at risk for HIV/AIDS or some other sexually- transmitted disease.

Eating Habits - A cheating spouse's eating habits can be heavily
influenced or affected by his or her lover in 31 different ways. Yet, this is
the most overlooked category of telltale signs. A cheating spouse may
develop a preference for the type of food their lover eats, the way their lover
likes their food prepared, or the kind of restaurants where their lover likes
to eat.

Smells and Tastes - Each person has a unique smell or taste, which
often goes unnoticed until it's replaced with something else. There are at
least 21 signs of infidelity associated with your sense of smell or taste.
Your spouse's kisses may taste different. There may be unfamiliar odors
on their clothing. Or perhaps something in your home or car just doesn't
smell "right."

Invasion of Your Home - It's not uncommon for cheating spouse to invite
their lover to their home. And the lover may inadvertently, or even
deliberately, leave personal items behind. At least 22 different signs of
infidelity could turn up in your bedroom, bathroom, living room or other
areas of your home if the Other Woman or Other Man has been there
while you were away.

Gifts - Be especially alert around the times of the year when gifts are
usually exchanged -- like Christmas or Valentine's Day. If you know what
to look for, you can find any of 19 gift-related signs of infidelity in your
home or car, including incriminating receipts and credit card bills.

Computer Use - A computer savvy cheating spouse will use the computer
to stay in touch with his or her lover. Finding several of the 30
computer-related signs of infidelity can mean your spouse is having an
online or internet affair. Don't underestimate cyber cheating because it
can pose a serious threat to your marriage.

Cell Phones and Pagers - Cell phones make it easier for a cheating
spouse to conceal his or her affair. But they also make it easier to get
caught. If your spouse uses a cell phone, pager or similar device to call,
text message, or otherwise communicate with their lover, the affair can be
exposed in 28 different ways.

Physical Evidence - Many times, physical proof of infidelity is just waiting
to be found among a cheating spouse's personal possessions. When
you check pockets, purses, wallets, desk or dresser drawers, closets, tool
boxes, or jewelry cases for signs of infidelity, you'll be surprised at how
many of the 32 kinds of physical evidence you can find.

Their Behavior Around The Opposite Sex - Studies show that a cheating
spouse is most likely to have an affair with someone they already know --
a neighbor, co-worker, business associate or family friend. If you know
what to look for, there are 71 signs of infidelity that can help you determine
the identity of the Other Woman or Other Man The way they act around
each other will give them away.

Accidental Slips-Ups or Disclosures - There are 57 kinds of slip-ups or
disclosures that could accidentally expose a cheating spouse. A slip of
the tongue on the part of the cheater or someone he or she knows, could
inadvertently expose an extramarital affair.

Know What To Look For - If you're not sure what specific signs to look for
in each of the 21 areas mentioned above, a good infidelity reference book
can help. While there are many infidelity books on the market, Is He
Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs is the only infidelity one that lists
practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs people
usually overlook. There's an entire chapter devoted to each of the 21
categories of infidelity signs. So if your spouse is cheating, you don't have
to be the last to know.

Important Information About Signs Of Infidelity - There are several other
important things you should know about signs of infidelity, especially if
you're trying to catch a cheating spouse. Some of these vital, but little
known facts about signs of infidelity often come as a surprise, even to
people who consider themselves knowledgeable about cheating
spouses and extramarital affairs. For a FREE tip sheet entitled "10 Things
You Probably Didn't Know About Signs of Infidelity", e-mail with the words "10 Things-ez" in the subject line.

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