Just How Many Female Orgasm Types Are There?
By Stephen Carnovale

There is much discussion on the nature of number of female
orgasm types. Recent research studies have found four types
of female orgasms. Researchers amassed data from more
than 500 women and came up with a classification system as
follows: Type I, which is the best type, is considered "good,"
with elevated pleasure and physical sensation; Type II, which is
considered a "good" orgasm, with elevated pleasure, but less
physical sensation; Type III, which is "not so good," with much
lower physical sensation and intermediate pleasure; and Type
IV, which is at the far end of the spectrum, low on physical and
pleasure, and considered not too great. This is a new look at
the female orgasm type from a perspective of pleasure and
intensity. But there is also much discussion on types of
orgasms in terms of location-that is, location of origin.

Aside from the scientific studies on female orgasm types, you
will find much discussion in magazines-both women's and
men's-regarding this topic as well. It is generally accepted that
there are at least three types of orgasms women report:
Clitoral, Vaginal, and G-spot. There has been a long-standing
debate surrounding the female orgasm. Freud presented the
idea that there were two types, but he then downgraded the
clitoral orgasm by claiming that mature women relocate the
place of their sexual pleasure to the vaginal cavity. Today, (in
large part, thanks to Kinsey's research) we recognize that
mature women can have several types of orgasms, clitoral

The clitoral orgasm is most common type for women. Roughly
70% of women can only orgasm through direct contact to the
clitoris. However, the clitoris can suffer from over-sensitivity
after orgasm. The technique for producing an orgasm from
clitoral stimulation can vary from woman to woman, but in
general, many women report that men are too rough with their
touch. Many men find it useful to have their partner show them
what they like.

However, there is much being written on the G-spot orgasm. As
far as female orgasm types, many people see the G-spot
orgasm as the ultimate quest. Many women report they have
not located their G-spot or that their partner has not found it.
This dime-sized spot is the subject of much literature and
debate. Some experts even posit that there is no such thing,
but many women report rapturous orgasms from stimulation
there. Other experts theorize that the G-spot is, in fact, the
back side of the clitoris. Thus, it is the backside of that network
of nerve endings. To find this spot, insert a finger just inside
the vagina and the G-spot will be between one and three
inches up. You will recognize it by its ridged or rough feel
compared to the vaginal wall around it. The orgasms resulting
from stimulation to the G-spot are reported as stronger and
more intense than those originating from clitoral stimulation.
Women who have not yet experienced a G-spot orgasm often
report feeling frustrated or left out. There was even a trend of
women undergoing a cosmetic "enhancement" of the G-spot by
having collagen injected to enlarge it, which would
hypothetically make it easier to find.

The third female orgasm type in terms of location of origin is
the vaginal orgasm. More recently, these are being referred to
as the A-spot, deep spot, or the AFE (anterior fornix
erogenous zone). This spot was originally discovered during
research on lubrication. This spot is in the deepest end of the
anterior wall of the vagina. This is in the vaginal tube between
the cervix and the bladder. Orgasms originating here are said
to be intense and extremely powerful. This spot does not get
overly sensitive after orgasm, so the possibility of multiple
orgasms is good with this spot.

The female orgasm types are numerous and fascinating. The
more you know about the female orgasm, the better equipped
you are as a lover.