Just Sex - The Expressway Past Your Heart
by Alexa Keating

Do you prefer to just keep things light; is no emotional
attachment your creed? Or maybe you're a confirmed cougar; a
little older but open to the benefits of a little younger with no
strings on your heart? If you have chosen casual sex as an
alternative to a long and rewarding emotional relationship, you
have hopped on the expressway past your heart to sexual
gratification without affection. Is it really just a safe fast lane or
much more?

Humans are born with emotion. The birth of our emotions
occurred just seconds after our first breath of life. Emotions
sprung to life the moment our senses began functioning. All of
our emotions are born through our senses. You may imagine
that you are an unemotional creature, but you are only kidding
yourself. If any of your senses are functioning, you are alive and

Why would a creature as emotionally charged as the human
being elect to bypass a passionate, committed involvement for
casual and uncommitted sex with another person? Avoiding
intimacy - this is the primary reason given for traveling in the
express lane for sex. What's behind that desire? Too many
things to list, but here are a few of the most cited reasons: a lack
of time to commit to a real relationship, fear of being hurt again,
low self-esteem, emotional roadblocks that prevent bonding with
another person; the list is endless. You surely have had this
discussion already. But is there any danger in making this

What if you look beyond the obvious of two people, in the flesh,
who come together for a short time and then part? Delving into
what is happening in our innate, the energy that surrounds
everyone provides a much clearer picture of what happens when
two energies collide through close, intimate contact. One of the
people may desire a quick sexual union; their innate seeks to
deliver precisely the result they are seeking. The other may be
using the opportunity in the hopes of building a lasting
relationship; their innate is seeking, with equal intensity, to bring
their hopes and dreams to fruition. There is indeed a collision of
energy when two peoples energy are bound so closely in a
sexual union.

The sub conscious now awakens, never understanding the
meaning of "I'm just kidding." It literally accepts what you say and
do as your desire and immediately begins to reinforce what it has
interpreted into your reality. There is no closer bond for humans
than the physical act of melding into one in a sexual union. The
sub conscious mind now accepts that this union is the yearning
to be fulfilled.

Just walk away and forget it happened, it was nothing? Even if it
was only minutes long, every deeply emotional event in our lives
leaves a memory imprint. If either of the people involved in the
union has a different perception of the desired outcome, their
energy will make every effort to attach and fulfill their desire. You
may never even be aware that this has happened. You now have
an emotional hook into your energy field. It becomes a sticky
attachment that frequently becomes a long and complicated
challenge to disentangle from. This can result in a constant
negative pull on your energy.

Your desire to control the level of intimacy in your life with a fast,
unemotional sexual encounter leaves you open to that challenge
from people you frequently know little or nothing about. You
have lost the protection of being discerning about the person
you are intimately involved with and who they really are. There is
no guard at the gate of your energy field when you choose to do
this. The more times you take the risk, the greater the
opportunity you will be entangled by someone's emotional hook.

If you still think that going down the expressway is the best way,
that it was casual fun just to love someone for a minute, think
about what you are endangering. You may have just met
someone who intends to be caught up in your life, to be
showered with your love and affection. It is their personal intent
of loving you forever that signals the challenge is at hand; you
may never even know the message was delivered through their
own innate.

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