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If you've never tried something, how will you know whether you like it or
not? It's important to experiment in bed but we all know different strokes
suit different folks - particularly when it comes to things such as
spanking and S & M. That's why we've listed some cautiously kinky kicks
for you to try. Whether you're a 'mild girl' or a 'wild girl', you can test-drive
some of the spicier sexual practices - without getting burnt.


For Mild Girls: Introduce light bondage into your love life by using silk
scarves. Tie up each other's hands and blindfold each other during
foreplay. Next, take turns at being in charge, with the 'boss' getting to
kiss, caress and tease the blindfolded, tied-up 'slave' until he or she is
desperate for release. The great thing about using scarves is that, if
they're knotted loosely, the person only has to be there if they want to.

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Rough Sex

For Mild Girls: Not quite as advanced as S & M or even spanking, rough
sex involves smacking each other around in the sack. That doesn't mean
you should whack your man in the face - but there's something sexy
about being tossed onto a bed and ravaged by your lust-crazed lover.

Bring out the semi-brute in him next time you get it on by initiating tough
love yourself. ‘Nice’ girls aren't supposed to be rough in bed, so you'll
both get excited when you play the tigress and your touch is anything but
tame. Try nibbling on his earlobes, tugging at his hair and squeezing his
butt (hard) while he thrusts into you.

For Wild Girls: If you discover that rough sex really does it for you, go for
it. Just make sure you have a 'safe word' - one you can say that means
'Stop, you're really hurting me'. Saying 'stop' or 'no' doesn't always work in
this situation because there are those who tend to say 'no, no, no', when
really they mean 'yes, yes, yes'.

Girl-on-Girl Action

For Mild Girls: If you're a cautious bi-curious, you don't have to go all the
way with the ladies just to figure out whether you're into them. Simply pull
a Katy Perry and kiss one. If you've yet to Tieet the right girl, pop into a gay
bar or club, order a drink and if anyone gorgeous chats you up, tell her
you've been stood up by a blind date. Charm her, down a courage-
enhancing shooter and, when the time is right, make your move. Cherry-
flavored chapstick is optional.

For Wild Girls: If you've always wanted to get it on with a girl, try it. Who
knows, you just might like it. A word of warning to those in relationships:
whether the person you're playing around with has boobs or balls is
irrelevant - cheating is cheating. Many girls think there's an 'if it's with a
girl it doesn't count' rule but trust us, there's a good chance your man
won't see it that way.

Dirty Talk

For Mild Girls: A few well-placed, seriously dirty sentences during
lovemaking can drive a man wild. But if you're not comfortable with dirty
talk, why not write it down instead? It's often easier to express naughty
thoughts when you don't have to look the person you're talking to in the
eye. You could send him a filthy SMS or an e-mail, or even surprise him
by slipping a note into his pocket, saying something along the lines of,
'Last night was awesome but tonight I'm going to ride you like a pony....'

For Wild Girls: Once you get the hang of writing naughty words down,
you're likely to become more comfortable with them - hopefully to the
point where you can say them aloud in the sack. Wait until you're well
into a sex session, with both of you hovering on the edge of orgasm.
Your bodies are flooded with sex hormones and he'll be far more likely to
let loose.


For Mild Girls: If you're a spanking beginner, start off simply. No whips,
no chains - just a hand will do. If you're the spanker, slap the palm of
your hand over your man's buttocks and tell him he's been a bad, bad
boy. Alternatively, you can surprise him during sex with a playful slap on
the butt. Remember, this is supposed to be fun and not an opportunity to
get your own back for the time he checked out your cousin's cleavage....

For Wild Girls: Got to grips with using your hand? Now try experimenting
with a 'tool', such as a hairbrush or a slipper.

Making a Sex Tape

For Mild Girls: If you've considered making a sex tape but been put off by
the thought of having your romp come back to haunt you, set up a
camera and tripod to film yourself while you perform a sexy striptease for
your man - ensuring your undies stay on. You're in charge of the camera
and under no pressure to do anything you don't want to. When you're
finished, you can review the tape, edit out any less-than-fabulous bits
and hand it over to your man as a sexy surprise.

For Wild Girls: If you're with a man you trust completely and not fussed
about recording your sexual exploits, start by investing in a camera that
has night vision - in case you want to shoot in the dark like Paris Hilton -
and a tripod. Sex up your 'set' by clearing away clutter next to the bed, and
drape scarves over any harsh lamps to create a more flattering light.
When you're ready, let the X-rated action begin. Remember, watching it
when you're done is always fun but you don't have to keep it. If you're
uncomfortable with its existence, you can always delete it after a view or
two ... and make another one tomorrow.

Kitchen Confidential

For Mild Girls: If you're intrigued by the idea of playing with food but not
keen on being covered in anything sticky or messy, try using a flavored
lubricant - and make every blow job feel (and taste) more like licking a

For Wild Girls: If you have a well-stocked grocery cupboard - and no
problems with getting your kink on in the kitchen - there's no end to what
you and your man can get up to. Think whipped cream, chocolate syrup,


For Mild Girls: Role-playing involves picking a scenario that gets both you
and your partner excited, and then letting it play out. But if you find the
idea of sharing your secret fantasies terrifying, try initiating a virtual
flirtation first. Start by sending him an SMS, e-mail or instant message
that sets the tone. For example, if you've always had a teacher-student
fantasy, say, 'I'm sitting at home, touching myself and thinking of you. I
know it's inappropriate because you're my science teacher but I can't
help it. How are you going to punish me?' Trust us, you won't have to wait
long to find out....

For Wild Girls: Once you're comfortable with role-playing from afar,
suggest bringing your fantasy into the bedroom.

Setting the scene electronically makes it easier to pick up where you left
off in the flesh. Choose a time and place to meet (be it as 'strangers' in a
bar or in your own bedroom), make sure you're both in character and - if
you can - dress the part.

Sex Toys

For Mild Girls: If you don't have a sex toy yet, what are you waiting for? A
great first-time toy to get to grips with on your own is the Little Lipstick
Vibrator. It might look just like your favorite lipstick but don't be fooled -
this cute clit-tingler has eight different speed settings and packs a pretty
powerful buzz. The best bit is that it's small enough to slip into your
handbag. Popping off to 'freshen up' in the bathroom will never be the
same again....

For Wild Girls: Once you're used to sex toys, expand your collection with
a Passion Party. You and your girlfriends can view a selection of the
hottest adult toys, games, lubes and lingerie in the comfort of your home,
and - as an 'optional extra' - you could throw in a male dancer or a pole-
dancing lesson. See our erotic adult superstore.

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