By Peter Rosier

I suppose I have three special "interests" when it comes to sex,
which some might say are kinky, but I feel are perfectly normal.
Gentle Reader, you might like to ponder these and consider
whether you feel the same - or do you have different needs and

The first interest is that I am very attracted sexually to pregnant
women. The sight of that swollen belly and those breasts,
engorged and ready to lactate, that distinctive pigmentation of
the belly and darker coloration of the nipples, all of that is a
tremendous turn-on.

I first recognized this when my partner became pregnant. As her
belly got bigger, my cock got harder, so to speak. As it
happened, I didn't actually have to break the news to her that I
found pregnancy a turn-on; she realized all too quickly - actions
spoke louder than words! And she was pleased. She had been
afraid that I would lose interest in her but that was far from the
case. I couldn't wait to fuck her each night and, afterwards, as
she turned to her side of the bed, to cuddle her from behind and
join my hands around her swollen belly, her ass pressed neatly
against my exhausted (but not for long) cock. Fortunately, after
she got over her period of morning sickness, she became as
randy as me (I believe this is quite common) so welcomed all the
attention. It was the best exercise she could get, lying down!

Sadly, this is a difficult interest to fulfill over time (unless you like
having a very big family or find yourself a partner with amazingly
obliging girl friends) but as there is a lot of "ready to drop" porn
available as a substitute, it must be quite a common kink.

My second fetish, if you can call it that, is that I really prefer anal
penetration in my girlfriends and partner to the conventional
way. Now don't get me wrong here; I like the normal way, too. On
top or underneath, missionary or doggy, it's good. But, unless
you have experienced the utter thrill of feeling your cock being
squeezed tighter than it has ever been just by your partner's slit
as you ease it into her beautiful and entirely virgin ass, then
sexually you haven't lived. After that, the sight of my partner
lying down on her belly with her bare cheeks inviting me in is just
such a turn on that I nearly come while I'm stripping off. It takes
real willpower to lube myself (and her, too, naturally) without
exploding all over her butt. Pressing the head of my cock
against that tight little pink rosebud of hers and feeling it pop
open is like the stairway to heaven. Gently easing in and
hearing her gasp and begin to moan as she feels my shaft filling
her to perfection is more encouragement than I need and slowly
thrusting back and forth I know it isn't going to be very long
before I'm giving her donut the cream filling it deserves.

Ideally, if I (and she) have the stamina, then fucking first and
buggering after is the best of all possible ways. The first time we
did this, I brought her to orgasm by fucking but was able to hold
myself back. Then I quickly turned her on to her belly as she
was recovering her breath, parted her cheeks and pressed into
her. I was well lubed after the fucking and certainly hard and
ready! She moaned "Oh God, fucked and buggered" but then
just groaned and gasped as she came. And so did I!

I think I developed this interest with a former girlfriend who had a
rather dry slit, whatever I did to stimulate her, so found it
uncomfortable to be caressed there for very long. On the other
hand, she loved her tight little ass being rubbed and penetrated
(by my finger to start with), so the desire probably started there.
Mentioning my wishes to my current partner was difficult; turning
her away from me and holding her close whilst rubbing my cock
against her rear cheeks and then parting them and pressing
gently in was as good a hint as any! Again , actions speak
louder than words. And it worked. But I have to say she isn't as
keen as I am.

By the way, all that stuff you might read about not using
petroleum jelly as a lubricant and using KY instead, is just a load
of bull. After all, you're more likely to have some petroleum jelly
or similar in the house than KY (what do you use that stuff for
apart from the obvious anyway?) and, unless you propose to
use a condom which petroleum jelly just might attack and split, it
works fine. So, OK, a condom might be a good idea with some
girls but frankly we never have. I prefer going bareback and that
feeling of my spunk filling her rear is just so fine that a rubber
would be a big let down.

Now to my third and final kink. I was reading a novel some years
ago where a guy's girlfriend comes back from a business trip to
the Far East and, when they get in bed together, first thing she
does is slip a cock ring on him that she bought in Japan. And
she says "this'll keep you interested in me until I want you to
stop!" And it does.

That made me really keen on the idea of compressing the blood
vessels in the penis to keep the blood in and the pressure up;
just like Viagra but done with a mechanical aid not a pill. When I
read in another book about professional gigolos who tie a silk
scarf around the base of their penis to produce the same effect,
well that decided it. I developed a close relationship with my silk
scarf and got my partner to help, too. Ideally, I'll slip it over my
erect penis loosely knotted and then she'll pull the ends to
tighten it. It doesn't need to be very tight to keep my erection
hard and getting harder by the minute but, if I've really annoyed
her over something, she can get her revenge by pulling hard on
those ends and burying that knot deep in the flesh of my cock.
That certainly keeps me up!

The pressure on my tubes also means I can't come at all (as
much as I might want to) so, until she or I loosen the scarf, I
really am interested in her and holding it all back for her to say
when. The only disadvantage from her point of view is that, silk
or not, it rubs against her sensitive parts there. So maybe we'll
move on to a cock ring soon.

An obvious word of warning is not to leave the scarf tied too
long, we don't want anything dropping off from lack of blood;
and you will get some bruising afterwards where the scarf was
tied. But that's a minor consideration, I think!

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