Ladies, Having Trouble Coming? Let's Medicate You!

By Elizabeth Black©

I get really tired of companies that treat women's orgasms and
sexuality as if they are barter to be used to please men. There is yet
another pill  designed to help women have better orgasms, all to keep
their men happy.

Yet another company pushes pills on women who have difficulty having
orgasms. This time, it's
Selmedica Healthcare Corporation.
A spokesman for the company said that, "for many women, inability to
climax regularly is due to heightened nerves and anxiety. Each of the
ingredients in Vacitia have a specific action which work together to help
women relax and enjoy sex."

This company pushes herbal products. Give the guys their Enzyte and
now give the ladies their Vacitia.

This stuff isn't cheap. One web site sells it for $47.00 per bottle. I
can't find a list of ingredients anywhere. I know that it's yet another
herbal supplement. I'm sorry, but those things just don't work.

Another press release by the same company let the truth out. Now that
men have their Viagra and Enzyte, they want women primed and ready to
go  for them. The press release stated the following: "Breathe easy, boys.
There¹s a new solution that may make your job in the pleasure
department a little  bit easier. Vacitia is a product specially developed to
help women who have trouble climaxing regularly to have the most
intense orgasms possible."

Women who know their bodies may better achieve orgasm. A pill alone
just isn't going to do it. What about your relationship? It is a good and
healthy one, or are their problems? Vacitia isn't going to fix problems in
the relationship. If she's exhausted after working hard all day, doing the
bulk of the child care, and the bulk of the housekeeping, don't be
surprised if she just isn't interested in having an orgasm for your
convenience. If you barely have any foreplay with her, and you come and
leave her frustrated, it's no wonder she has trouble coming to orgasm. A
little pill isn't going to solve the problem.

If a woman has difficulty having an orgasm, it isn't necessarily a
medical condition. When she's exhausted after working hard all day at
her paying joband caring for home and children, she can't just be
expected to become Bettie Page in bed. Giving her a pill to pop as if it's
Mother's Little Helper will likely only piss her off. I'm tired of seeing
women treated  as if they are sperm recepticles. Don't waste your money
on pills that don't address the problems. When guys take on their share
of the housework and child care, women will likely be more inclined to
want to have sex with them. When a woman is stuck with all that work,
while you rest your feet on the coffee table, don't be surprised if she
doesn't feel like hopping in the sack with you. If you help her rid herself of
the reasons she has "heightened nerves and anxiety", that will go a long
way to helping her enjoy sex with you. Why do these companies act like
women have On and Off switches? It's insulting.

Elizabeth Black leads a
peaceful life on the
Massachusetts coast,
next to the ocean. She
has written many erotic
short stories. Her
stories have been
published in Xodtica,
Scarlet Magazine, and
Emerging Women
Writers. She lives in a
two-hundred year old
house that she sadly
admits is not haunted.
She is married with a
teenaged son, and she
is owned by six cats. lol
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