by Rebecca Adams

If the stresses of modern life have left your married life dull,
uninspiring, cold and in need of a desperate makeover, it's time to
take action before it's too late.

Tantra is an ancient Indian practice through which sex, sexuality,
awareness and pleasure become the tools to reach unity between
lovers and the universe. One particular Tantric exercise, called
Maithuna, is one important tool to experience a deep, profound
and powerful union and intimacy with your spouse.

Now I'm sure you're wondering what exactly Maithuna is?

Maithuna refers to the process of yogic sexual union. In other
words - the process of uniting one or more things into one entity.
To prepare for Maithuna, the couple should prepare the room in a
sensual and inviting way. Get out the candles, prepare some
relaxing cushions, light your aromatherapy burner, put on some
soothing music, and prepare some tasty nibbles. Bathe separately
or together and put on some light clothing or robes. Take the time
to enjoy each other's company; talk about the day's events
(focusing on the positives!), complement each other and simply
enjoy the moment.

The aim of this exercise is deep yet gentle union. Start by building
your sensual arousal through light touching and stroking of the
lover. Men should visualize the Yoni (Vagina) in all it's majestic
glory, and women should visualize the lingham (penis) as firm and
hard. This further increases arousal.

With the man aroused, he should now enter the female slowly but
firmly, making sure that the parties are facing each other. The
ideal position for this exercise is one in which the man is seated
cross-legged and the female sits on top of him, wrapping her legs
around his waist. Initially the female should gently milk the man,
and the man should move slowly. Do this for about 5 - 10 minutes.
Now both parties should remain still and continue with an intimate
visualization exercise.

Both the man and the woman should visualize red energy around
their first chakra (or energy centre) located around the genitals.
Imagine this red sexual energy slowly intensifying and then
merging into the partners energy centre. Slowly imagine this red
sexual energy moving up the energy centers along the spine,
through the throat, forehead, and up to the top of the head.
Visualize pink and gold heart energy moving from your heart into
your lover's heart in a complete and continuous circuit. After
about 15 - 20 minutes look gently into your lover's eyes and
deeply connect with them. No words are required, as the intense
feelings and union will transcend the spoken word.

Now simply rest, continue on to more stimulation or remain in this
state for as long as both desire.

WARNING : The exercise is very powerful!

Love Making Techniques to Sensual, Emotional and Spiritual Satisfaction (The
Tantric Way!)

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