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Anecdote: Of 'Dick' and 'Pussy'
by Mattifla

This actually is a true story, not some dirty joke or lewd story.
There really is someone who named her children Pussycat and
Dickson! Eighteen year old Dickson and Sixteen year old Pussycat
are siblings feed up with the ridicule their names stir up. Pussycat
had a breakdown on a radio talk show as she talked of the
depression caused by her name. They just can not understand
what their parents were thinking of when naming them. Any
guesses on what dad was thinking when naming Pussycat?!

Pussycat has had a torrid teenage-hood with all imaginable quips
and teases being directed at her. Whenever she lost at tennis, talk
was always of how Pussy was licked by so-and-so. Coming out of
the swimming pool, she was 'wet Pussy'. Her most embarrassing
moment however was at the school music festival just after her
performance. During the applause, her somewhat tipsy boyfriend
stood up and shouted, 'That's my…..' This final straw pushed her to
very publicly challenge her parents decision which she feels was
not made in a moment of lucidity. Dickson's case is not a rare one
and he was there in support of his sister though he has had his fair
share of taunts. Being close to his sister in age, the two are rather
tight and according to some, they are as 'inseparable as Pussy and
Dick!' He fully supported her actions against their parents and was
demanding an explanation for the names.

The FM station managed to get the mother by phone but she
pleaded ignorance when naming the children. She said Pussycat
came from her father on the day she was born saying she was 'as
cute as a Pussycat'. Dickson just happened to be their late
grandfather's name. It hardly occurred to these parents what would
happen when the two were put together, no pun intended. There
was a happy ending to the story with the family reconciling on air.
They agreed to change Pussycat's name and there was rumour
she would change her name to Vagi…sorry, Virginia. When asked
about this later, she refused to confirm and remained rather tight-
lipped about it. Talk about Virgin-Pussy! There is one sticky
situation. Ok, ok, I'll stop…
©2005 by Mattifla
All rights reserved.
Randy, creative writer who believes in "making love" without sex! Best for the
virgin who wants to hold on to its beauty, but still wants to have fun!
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