Men and women - can they be just friends?
by Marian M Gabriel

Do you think men and women can be just friends without involving
sexuality? What is the attitude of men towards women and vice versa?

Some modern psychologists try to convince us that men and women can
be just friends without having erotic thoughts for a relationship. Some of
their colleagues in emphatically denies this. Who is right?

Eroticism is always in the background

My personal experience is that the two sexes can not be just friends –
because i can not form a friendship with a woman who does not attract
me in a sexual way at least a little. This is an option rather than a strong
desire. If I can not imagine myself in bed with her, i am not interested in
her, no matter how beautiful and intelligent she is.

For this reason, I was happy to get a statement from a psychiatrist with
experience that confirmed this and who believe that a man must establish
a genuine erotic relationship with a woman and that this relationship is
the basis for contact between people.Man is the first partner for a woman,
then a tutor and then a friend.

If you form a friendship with someone, sex is always present at some level
in the background. The next question is why a man should build a
relationship with a woman? To be just friends?

Woman as a perfect counterpart

If you agree with the stereotypes, then you have to admit that a man`s
good conversation partner in terms of emotions, feelings and all "female
things" is a woman . He can talk to her about everything that is kept secret
in his conversations with other men about his emotions, for example, and
not just about what car is best, what happens in politics, economics and

According to stereotypes, the man is a "woman" with a woman. This cult of
men and women merge with unpredictable consequences in modern
society. These days there is nothing uncommon to have a female friend to
talk for hours about business, computer games, cars and martial arts. But
that means you want less to get her in bed?

Personally, I think that there is no sense to a woman friend in addition to
male friends. I accept the fact that women do what they do and and that
are equal to me, unless they are even better. But I still want desperately to
get them in bed and I find it hard to talk about Formula 1 with a woman
without thinking how to handle the "wheel" between her legs.

Does men need to talk about their feelings?

To talk about my emotions? You do not have to be friend with a woman for
it. Assuming my male principle, we are dealing with too many emotions.
And if i am, i do to impress and seduce women. Surely we need a female
friend just because men do not understand us sometimes. The
assumption that men do not talk about emotions is false. Can not talk
about it 10 hours a day, but only when necessary and a person who can
understand: you need a good friend, intoxicating substances and certain
all of you take heart if you feel the need to do this.

Someone once said that men have suppressed emotions because they
have not talked about them. Men felt deprived and began to look for souls
to find this unknown world. Since most men have not found anything, they
began to pretend for the sake of peace, that they are deeply emotional, but
they do not know how to show it. In this way they won the hearts of many

Now it`s created a link between women and men and men can be friends
with women without having sex with them. Now men and women create
connections based on deep emotions. Sex is not a strong enough force or
a reason to spend quality time together? Negative consequence of such a
situation particularly affects women because they are the ones that can
create strong emotional attachments to men, which means it is harder for
them to separate.

If you ask me, sex is always in the background

Of course, the reverse has the same intensity. Women have been
convinced at some point the male principle is better and we must assume
to be equal. Women turn into men, but understand this process in their
own way. The whole situation is confusing, which makes it more difficult to
find a balance.

And here come into play psychology. It has never been so respected and
needed like now. It treats everything, even if there is nothing and no one to
treat, and people must always find their way to their own specific treatment.

I'm confused. Am I still allowed to be man and to see a woman just as a
woman? Do I need to feel ashamed if I can not claim deep emotions and
think only about sex? Am I weird if I see the body first and then a person's
soul? Am I wrong when I say that men and women can not be friends?

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