Five Myths About Anal Sex

by Elizabeth Black has an interesting article up about anal sex.

It lists what it calls five myths. It's clear that the article was written to
provide a man with information to help a reluctant woman to have anal
sex with him. Here are the five myths:

1. The anus is dirty.

2. Anal sex is painful.

3. Anal sex is harmful and unhealthy.

4. Anal sex is a perverted, unnatural act.

5. Anal sex is enjoyed only by homosexuals.

The article offers some good information and advice for men who want to
have anal sex with their female partners. I don't think that anal sex is
perverted or dirty. That's just plain silly. I do think it would hurt, though,
unless lube is used. Astroglide Anal Shooters is one lube that is
especially made for anal sex.

Sometimes a woman might not want to have anal sex because she fears
her partner is too big. She's afraid that his size will hurt her. That's why I
don't want to have anal sex with my husband. Now my readers know too
much about us.

A woman must feel comfortable and relaxed in order to enjoy anal sex.
Getting her used to the sensation of having an object in her asshole may
help. Lubricate your thumb and insert it very gently to the first knuckle.
While you are doing this, play with her clit.  As she loosens up, insert the
thumb a little more. Then, when she is nice and relaxed, try inserting a
finger along with the thumb. Get her used to the sensation first, and don't
forget the lube. When both of you feel ready for her to take in your cock,
use lots of lube, and take things slowly. As she gets a rhythm going and
relaxes, you can insert yourself further. Remember to take things slowly.
There is no rush when having great sex.

If you already do anal sex, think about what you like about it. What works
for you to keep it from being painful?

What other sexual positions do you like? I know that the traditional
"missionary" position doesn't stimulate the woman's clitoris, so it doesn't
provide the kind of excitement and enjoyment she could otherwise have.
Rear-entry or on top is better for women. If you can get your bodies into
the right position, side-to-side is very pleasant. You also have easy
access to each other's torsos, so that you can play with each other while
fucking. I'm sure there are lots of other positions out there that are lots of

I want to turn this article into a party. Bring out the champagne, truffles,
and absinthe, and talk about sex. Which positions do you like? Do you
like fingers inserted in your asshole while your partner plays with your clit
or your cock? Sex play should be exactly that ­ play. It's fun. What better
way to enjoy sex ­ including anal sex ­ than to turn it into a party?

Elizabeth Black leads a
peaceful life on the
Massachusetts coast,
next to the ocean. She
has written many erotic
short stories. Her
stories have been
published in Xodtica,
Scarlet Magazine, and
Emerging Women
Writers. She lives in a
two-hundred year old
house that she sadly
admits is not haunted.
She is married with a
teenaged son, and she
is owned by six cats. lol
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