Mother's Day: Naughty Gift Ideas for Her
by Kalpana Raj

This season spice up your romance by gifting your woman
something naughty and fun. This will bring both of you closer
and also bring back the pizazz that your relationship had when
you first met. Pick a naughty gift and fall in love all over again.

When it comes to thinking of a naughty gift, lingerie is top of
the mind. Some sensuous lace or satin lingerie is a beautiful
gift, but go a step further. Pick up a candy bra or edible
panties as well.

Bath bombs are sensuous and fragrant gifts. Pick something
with an exotic and sexy fragrance so that both of you can
enjoy a bath together. A mug with a naughty message or
picture will help perk up her mornings. This makes a great gift

Pillows with a heart shape or with a sensuous texture will help
her turn the bedroom into a boudoir. You can also look for
pillow cases with a saucy message or even paint one. Gift her
some sexy satin sheets that signal what is on your mind.

How about some mischief in the bedroom? Gift her some
naughty bedroom dice for hours of fun or some naughty
bedroom board games that you can play together.

Edible body paint is a good idea for a gift, there's a whole
range of delicious flavors out there ranging from raspberry,
strawberry to rich chocolate to choose from. The whole
process of painting on each other and eating it off is quite a
pleasurably delicious experience. You can even choose the
glow paint range which lets you read what you paint in the

Massage oils make a woman feel more beautiful and sensual.
Don't go for the regular plains like lavender or rosemary, be a
little more daring and choose sensuous floral blends that can
evoke erotic feelings. Remember to include a DVD or CD on
massaging your lover.

Soft and silky body lotions are ideal to get a woman into a
naughty mood. Pick some lotions with sensual fragrances. If
you want to gift perfumes for her look for those with a
seductive fragrance. You can also pick those with pheromones
which are ingredients that attract the other sex.

Get her some naughty accessories to wear - try six inch red
heels, a cowboy hat, a nurse uniform, a pair of furry handcuffs
and so on. Loaded with a naughty gift and a wicked glint in
your eye, you can expect plenty of fun and games this year.

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