Older Women Have All The Fun
by Elizabeth Black©

Women who came of age with the advent of Second-Wave feminism and
The Pill are now in their post-forties. They aren't sexless creatures, either.
Older women are enjoying the fruits of sex like never before. Books and
movies are reflecting that fact. Examples include Gail Sheehy's "Sex and
the Seasoned Woman" as well as the movies "Something's Gotta Give"
(starring Diane Keeton), "Meet The Fockers" (starring Barbra Streisand),
and "Swimming Pool" (starring Charlotte Rampling). These movies depict
sexually-active older women in romantic situations. A new television show
on Oxygen called " Campus Ladies'. will be about middle-aged women
entering the college scene who carry on with male undergraduates much
younger than they are.

I've seen "Swimming Pool" and "Meet The Fockers". What I liked about
the depictions of women in those movies is that they were free to be
sexual.Charlotte Rampling in "Swimming Pool" was a bit repressed until
her lover's teenaged daughter moved into the vacation home with her. The
two at first clashed like oil and water, but they eventually came to like each
other and especially to learn from each other. Charlotte Rampling learned
to relax and enjoy herself, due to the influence of this young girl who was
sexually free. I didn't care much for "Meet The Fockers", but I did like Barbra
Streisand's depiction of a sexually free sexual healer in the movie. Her
enjoyment of life rubbed off on me very much.

Another movie that I liked that portrayed older women in a wonderful
light was "Calendar Girls". They weren't overly sexual, but the movie dealt
with how their viewed their bodies and spirits as they created the calendar
to raise funds for the town, which is in a serious economic downturn.
Helen Mirren, one of my favorite actresses, is known for taking her clothes
off.She starred in this movie, and as usual her acting was above par.

Another older female in a movie I liked was in "Under The Tuscan Sun".
I can't remember the character's name, but she was a gorgeous blonde
who reminded me of Anita Ekbert in "La Dolce Vita". This woman even
reenacted the fountain scene from that movie. She had a younger male
lover (one of many) who was an artist. He was painting her in one scene
when Diane Lane, the main character who moved to Tuscany, just walked
in on them. Here was the Anita Ekbert clone, lying stark naked on a divan,
just barely covered with some kind of throw. She caressed her nearly
naked lover's ass. It was clear she was more than a mere artist's model.
She kept getting on Lane's case about how she was always depressed,
since her husband left her.

Life is too short to stay down like that for so long. That woman is my
favorite character in that movie.

These women aren't fashion models. They look like real people. It's
good to see women with a variety of body types who have healthy attitudes
about sex and sexuality. I get very tired of the usual Barbie clones that
permeate movies today. Most women would like to see more women on
the screen who look like them, and who lead active, enjoyable lives.

I'm forty-five. I would like to see more movies showing older women who
have a healthy attitude about sex. Movies tend to be geared towards the
young male action hero set. We need more movies that show women,
especially older women, in a positive light.

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