Play By Play - A Little Foreplay Goes A Long Way
by Kylyssa Shay

Good sex can become great sex with a little creative build-up
and foreplay.  You've probably heard that before - and maybe
you've even acted on it - but as people fall into a relationship,
sex often falls into a routine, including the foreplay.  Often that
foreplay becomes more and more perfunctory as time goes on
until it's almost a stylized pre-sex ritual rather than a passionate
and erotic dance of desires.

So that's why I'm going to give you some suggestions you may
not have tried before, so you can spice up your foreplay and
stoke up the sexual heat in your romance.  Some of these
ideas may be old hat to you but please, take the kernel of this
article and re-think your foreplay and use your own creativity to
bring it to a new level.

Remember flirting?  Remember when sex was just a glint of
promise on a pair of wet lips or hungry eyes?  Apply it to your
foreplay.  Start your foreplay before you even hit the bedroom
door with flirtation, sensual touching and double entendres.  
Build up the heat over a period of time by touching your partner
casually yet sensually throughout your time together.

Describe how you want to touch, kiss, bite, nibble, tickle or lick
your partner.  You might want to step it up with a little dirty talk
to help the excitement build.

Try some good old-fashioned necking.  Sit on the couch and
just kiss and paw at each other like teenagers whose parents
could come home any time.  You might want to move on to dry
humping or rubbing against each other fully clothed.  This may
sound a bit frustrating but that's what foreplay is about - the
tease, the surge and retreat that bring passion to a boil.

Once you've made it to the bedroom (or the floor, the back
seat, or the kitchen table) don't just whip off your clothes and
plunge together - keep up the teasing.  Undress each other
slowly or do a strip tease for your partner.  Another fun thing to
do is to suck your partner's nipples through her clothing or blow
your heated breath through his pants onto his penis.  Just take
your time getting fully undressed with plenty of stroking,
touching, and kissing mixed in.

Once the clothes are gone, retreat from the erogenous zones
once more.  Start touching, sucking, kissing, and licking your
partner's body on the neck, the ears, the shoulders, the hands,
the thighs - anywhere but his or her genitals.  Slowly home in
on the erogenous zones and touch his or her genitals directly,
stroking with your fingers, kissing, licking or sucking.  A bit of
fingering or oral sex is often very nice before moving on to

I hope you've been inspired to try a little bit more creative
foreplay and to bring back the anticipation of those first times
Kylyssa is a freelance
writer and a wanton,
lascivious hedonist.  She
is passionate about
sensuality, and the First
Amendment.  You can
read her
strange and sexy blog at

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