Doing Man’s Work: Punany Tips & Tricks for Chicks Who Love to Ride Dicks.
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Jessica Holter is Creative
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Punany Poets.  After a
brief career in
entertainment hip-hop
journalism, Holter created
the controversial
performance collective in
response to the untimely
death of Eric Eazy E Wright
of AIDS. Her self Published
titles include AKA Dead
Man, Verbal Penetration and
Speak the Unspeakable.
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Doing Man’s Work:
Punany Tips &   Tricks for Chicks Who Love to Ride Dicks.
by Jessica Holter

OK ladies, we will begin this session on dick riding with my
personal favorite woman-on-top position.  

Thunder Thighs: Stretch for this one.  Find a clean place on
the floor.  Lay a blanket down if you prefer, but nothing too
thick, and no pillows.  Lay his naked body on the floor.  I
suggest you wear a robe, but make sure that he is not wearing
any clothing (especially socks :-)  Walk to the place where his
head lay, your toes pointing to his shoulders.  Let him lay for a
moment looking up at you in silence.  Look down at him.  Kneel
to kiss him on the forehead then stand up over his face, feet
planted on opposite sides of his head.  Put away all modesty,
allowing him to see your fully exposed promise. Disrobe
yourself, allowing your robe to drop like a curtain about his
face.  (Talk some shit to get yourself pumped, this is a rough
ride, suggested only for women with strong thighs.)  His
discomfort is a plus and will prepare him mentally for full
submission and increase your sense of power.   Talk as you
walk the length of his body until you are standing over his erect
penis.  Turn around to face him, still looking down, making
strong eye contact.  You want him to see your eyes, fear and
anticipate your control.  Plant your feet firmly on the floor on
either side of him, a few inches from his hips.  Slowly lower your
body, keeping your back straight and your thighs pointed
outward at 45 degree angles as you squat to receive him.  Your
pussy should be completely wet.  As it makes contact with the
penis, let only the tip inside at first, so that he can feel the
contrast between the temperature of the room and the
temperature of you, inside.  Imagine your pussy is a mouth,
playing with the head of a dick.  In a rotating motion, grind on
the head as if you were dancing.  Make playful conversation,
(quote a freaky song lyrics or Punany poetry :), get him off
guard, then drop... in one strong thrust onto the dick, allowing
your pussy to engulf it in its entirety.  (Careful, he may cum
quickly.)  If he doesn’t. Fuck him, using only your thigh
muscles to elevate and lower your body onto his dick.  It may
burn your thighs, but it is the most exhilarating ride, and it’s
great exercise!  Continue for as long as you can in this
position... then switch...

Butterfly Man:  Some men may not be agreeable to this
position, (I secretly call “Bitch Man”), but try it on him anyway,
explaining that it is one of a few ways that a woman can achieve
orgasm while on top, without having to manually use her
fingers to manipulate her clitoris.  If he is agreeable, lay him on
the bed on his back.  Kiss his feet to let him know you
appreciate his submission.  If he’s ticklish it’s OK, it will only
cause him to further relax.  After playing with him, grab his
angles and push them forward so that now his back is down but
his knees are up.  Crawl up to him on your knees, and kiss his
knees, and his thighs, while gently spreading his knees apart.  
Getting a man to open his legs can prove a difficult task unless
he is expecting some oral play, so engage him.  Lick and suck
the insides of his thighs, down to his groin, stretching your
body out towards the foot of the bed.  When your mouth arrives
at his dick, kiss and lick it lightly, graze it gently with your
teeth. As it hardens, swallow the head and suck for a while, but
only long enough to ensure his desire is mounting.  All the
while your goal is to get his legs apart, so be sure to fondle his
balls, rolling them in your palm.  Kiss and suck them while
stroking his dick with your hand.  To be in this position his legs
will drop naturally open.  If you are both agreeable, dive into a
rim job and you will get not only full exposure, but you will
also, find a softened man who will be a willing Butterfly Man for
you.  As he relaxes into his role, slide swiftly but smoothly up
between his legs burying your face in his neck.  Pull your legs
up so that your pussy is open and above his dick to receive it,
but keep your legs inside his thighs, and slide down onto his
penis, closing your legs, so that his dick feels locked inside of
you. In this position you will fuck with your breast pressed and
rubbing against his face and chest.  With your pussy full of him
and your labia massaging your clitoris you can come quickly to
orgasm. Squeeze your legs together to tighten your grip so that
he may feel your pulsating walls surrounding him.

The Easy Rider: This is the woman on top riding standard,
also known as “reverse missionary”.  The Cowgirl who loves sex
in the early hours, this is an easily achieved position to
accomplish on a stiffened morning dick.  As he lay on his back
dreading the alarm of a new day at work, slide out of the bed
into the bathroom to relieve you full bladder and freshen up.  
Upon returning to the bed, say good morning and climb on top
of him,  gently pushing his dick inside of you.  Begin slowly so
that he can feel the warmth of your just waking pussy, still hot
and sticky from marinating over night.  To increase your
pleasure, you may want to manipulate your clitoris with your
fingers as you ride.  You will feel him get increasingly harder
inside of you as you fuck him.  This is a sign to increase your
pace, as he will be coming soon.  As you get the first signs of his
coming, a slight spurting pressure through the walls of his shaft,
you may want to lean forward to assume the “Vixen Position” to
be sure that you are not left alone to finish you orgasm with a
vibrator after he has left for work.

The Vixen Position:  The Vixen is the woman who knows
what she want’s and exactly how to get it.  From “The Easy
Rider” position simply lean forward, placing your breast on his
chest and pressing your clitoris against his hard groin so that
you can grind on it as you fuck him.  The Vixen Position offers
all of the comforts of missionary love making with none of the
sacrifice.  In this position you can hug, kiss, lick, breath into
each other ears and talk in low whispers and will resonate your
deep passion, just as when he is on top.  However, it is the Vixen
who is in control, deciding the measure of how deep the dick
will penetrate, how long or how short a time it is held inside,
and she possesses, to some degree, the power to control her man’
s ejaculation.  With the bodies pressed together in this way, the
energy is intense and conclusive, leaving to room for question
about the purpose of the union - A mutual climax is on the

Sit & Spin:  Danger Will Robinson!  If you are not careful the
Sit & Spin could injure you, but performing it gives and
awesome rush... Like bungee jumping.  To achieve the Sit &
Spin you alternate from “Easy Rider” to “The Great Outdoors”
without letting your man escape the warmth of your flower.  
Like the pussy, every dick is different.  They vary not only in
color, shape and size, but also in curvature.  Some curve to the
left, to the right, down and even up, and while you may feel
comfortable in one position you may not feel comfortable in
another, depending on size and curve.  The sit and spin will
test the feeling of his dick inside of you from at least 180
angels. This is an important issue when considering to engage
in the Sit & Spin which is, actually more of a dick trick than a
position, but when the fit is right, can be practiced many times
in one rodeo session.  This trick is easiest when you are on the
floor.  But chances are that you will already be on the bed.  So,
from the “Easy Rider Position” make sure his legs are flat on the
bed and spread slightly apart.  Now, one leg at a time, lift your
knee off the bed, dropping your ass slightly so as not to lose
your grip on his rod.  Now your body weight is on your feet.  
Lifting one foot at a time, inch your way in a clockwise or
counter clockwise motion as if you are a spinning top. When
you reach his thigh, step over it.  Continue, very slowly, your
goal is not just to turn around but to feel the sensation as the
flesh of your punany reacts to him at these various angles. Once
your back is to him, you may want to adjust slightly to lock him
into his new place.  This is a perfect time for him to sit up, rub
on your back, connect, while you work your way up to another

 The Great Outdoors:  Ode to The Great Outdoors!  This is the
perfect position for men, who have women who have great
asses!  This position is also effective for bonding after a fight and
for fantasy fucking, since neither of you has to see the others
face.  Women can enjoy this experience while distancing
herself from the presence of her partner but still receiving
pleasure.  She can gaze upon pictures, into the horizon,
through windows, or into a mirror to feed her sexual vanity.   In
this moment, her body is perfectly poised from all angles and
she is moving as a wild animal in nature, unconfined, free to
be, fucking beautiful.  She straddles her man while facing away
from him, pushing her pussy, at her own pace, into a seemingly
unattached dick that faces toward her, digging only as deep as
she commands.  Then suddenly, she invites him into her The
Great Outdoors.  She lowers her head, turning to look back,
gazing over her shoulder into her lovers eyes, as if she only just
realized he was there.  It is a look of lust and invitation.  He

 The 3 Point Ride:  The goal of  The 3 Point Ride is to gain
stimulation of all of your most sensitive vaginal areas at the
same time: Your CLITORIS (the little button under the hood
where the labia minora (inside lips) meet at the top of your
pussy), your G-SPOT (the soft place at the top of the inside of
your pussy about have a finger deep), & your CORE (your
internal shaft and the back wall) all at the same time.  To
accomplish maximum pleasure in this woman on top position,
choose a nice, comfortable chair to sit your man down in.   
Straddle him, inserting his penis inside.  Rather than pumping
up and down, ride  in a back and forth rocking motion, arching
your back so that your clitoris is pressed against his pelvis
when you are forward and sliding the length of his dick as you
press down and push back.  To allow yourself to feel his
fullness: the trick is pressing down and relaxing in a rhythmic
pattern that will massage your inner walls while your muscles
retract and release. Your body will be as a rocking pinnacle. In
your back most position you are open and allowing him to fully
plunge into you, feeling the tip of his muscle on the very back
wall of your halls, but take only what you can bear.  The more
you relax, the more you can bear.  But as you rock forward, you
gain strength.  The natural tension required of your stomach,
pelvis and thighs will give you the power you need to become
the aggressor as you move closer to him.  As you rock forward,
begin to tilt your pelvis down, until your can feel the flesh of his
skin on your clitoris.  You may want to use you fingers to pull
you lips open and expose your clitoris to his skin.   You may
begin feel a pressure similar to the need to pee, but you don’t
have to pee.  Just keep riding, arching your back at its smallest
point, pushing hard into him when you are at his base, keeping
a steady musical pace at first and then quickening as your
desire to explode increases.

Yawning: With your man still seated in his chair and your
on his lap straddling him face-forward, lift your legs so that they
are in the grooves of his bent arms -you are yawning with your
legs open this way.  In this position you can be as the helpless
as a bird, allowing him to penetrate you to any degree that he
chooses.  To keep control from your top position, lace your
hands under his arms and hold to his shoulders with your
finger tips facing you.  Use you arm muscles to pull your body
up and down.  You may also engage your muscle strength by
holding to the arms of the chair, lifting and dropping your ass,
guiding and directing the union from your top position.  To
submit... lean back, placing your hands on the floor beneath
you, and you will find him submitting to your womanhood, as
he leans into you.  With his face on your stomach, he can smell
the essence of you and hear the sounds of penetration.  

The Standing Ride:  From the Yawning position allow him to
stand, without letting you go.  Wrap your legs around his waist,
and lock them at the ankles.  Hold the back of his neck until
you find a good groove and stroke.  Employ your thigh muscles
to hold tight to his hips when you are ready to let you hands
free.  With him holding your waist, you are able to ride freely
without hands.  You may also continue to hold him by the
shoulders or cling to his neck for support.  When he is about to
release, he may hold tightly to your back, hugging you.  Hug
him back and receive him, making sure that your bodies are
well balanced so that his legs to not fail him.

The Kegle Embrace:  Cop a squat on his dick as he sits in a
chair, on the bed or on the floor. Close your eyes and hold each
other.  Do not talk.  Do not look. Just feel the energy traveling
from your body to his, and his to yours. Soon you will begin to
feel his dick jump.  Respond only with your pussy, squeezing
his dick while it is inside of you.  Feel your pussy muscles, and
they grip.  Feel your gentleness as you submit. Feel his power
soaring though you. Stay this way only for a few moments, but
ending it before he gets fidgety.  After your embrace, to not
stand quickly.  Slowly push his dick out of you, using only the
muscles of your pussy, leaving him with fond memories of your
sensitivity and your strength.  

-  Jessica Holter as The Head Doctor
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