Seduction Tips for All Occasions
by Joy Bates

Is your sex life boring? Do you find yourself fantasizing about
a hot, steamy sexual encounter? Do you wish you can
somehow reignite the passion you once had with your lover?
Are you starting to have feelings of inadequacy? If you are
like most people, you share the same sentiments of feeling
neglected in the bedroom and longing for a moment of sexual
bliss with your lover. Better yet, you’re craving to enrich your
sexual life altogether. This is perfectly normal if you have
been with your partner for a long time. You slowly slip into a
busy lifestyle where priorities shift constantly, and at the end
of the day, the romance begins to wane and excitement has
been replaced by boredom.

The good news is there are seduction tips for both men and
women alike and for all occasion. You don’t have to wait until
your anniversary or Valentine’s Day to produce an
exhilarating lovemaking session with your significant other. If
you want to enhance your sex life, try these simple seduction
techniques in the bedroom.

• Wear something sexy. A nice, silky, revealing outfit will
certainly get your partner excited and ready for action.

• The use of sex toys. Sex toys such as a vibrator can be
invigorating and stimulating. If you haven’t tried it, give it a
shot. If you’re embarrassed to walk into a sex shop, you can
purchase one online.

• Take a bubble bath together. Enjoy each other’s company
and at the same time get cleaned up, so you’ll be feeling and
smelling fresh afterwards.

• Dim your lights or fill the room with candles, which will create
a relaxing ambiance… one that’s conducive to sex.

• Experiment with whipped cream. Try spraying whipped
cream on your lover’s genitals and slowly lick it off until
he/she reaches climax.

• Extend your foreplay. Most people enjoy the pleasure of a
long-winded foreplay. It definitely intensifies the craving… the
yearning for each other’s bodies. Kissing, caressing, nibbling,
and touching are all part of this alluring process called

• Give each other oral pleasures. What better way to satisfy
each other than to perform oral sex on each other either
individually or concurrently.

• Sharing your sexual fantasies together. This is a good way
to get to know your partner’s desires, which you can fulfill
right then and there or save for a later time. In addition, it
helps build up the anticipation for sexual intercourse.

• Perform a striptease. With the right setting, music, and
outfit, you can certainly dance to his/her satisfaction with a
little bit of teasing to generate arousal and excitement.

• Try a different move or position. Spice it up by trying a
different position or simply taking control while fulfilling one of
his/her sexual fantasies for the first time.

The art of seduction is not difficult to master. Setting the
scene and creating the mood helps in the seduction process,
and it’s up to you to get creative in luring your lover to the
bedroom in an effort to rekindle the romance and re-establish
passion and intimacy.

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