Self Pleasure For Men and Women - The Only Way to Understand Your Sexual Being
by Holly Franklin

The role of self pleasure cannot be under estimated in the
development of any couples relationship. Self pleasure
describes the excitement on oneself or partner through
stimulation of the genitals. Self pleasure can be very creative
and there are a vast number of sex toys now on the market
that can add spice to your personnel alone time or as part of
the act of love-making.

Masturbation is still for many people a taboo topic which is a
shame because if men and women were more open to the
possibilities of self-love then there opens up the possibility for
couples to really spice up their sex life and for more intense a
pleasurable orgasms.

A woman has many erogenous zones. It is now known that a
quadriplegic who has no feeling down below can achieve
orgasm by caressing of another body part such as a cheek or
neck. The orgasm happens between the ears primarily.

Self pleasure is the only way for a person to really take
advantage of this knowledge. To really get the most from
love-making with your sexual partner you must know your own
body first. This is true for both men and women you must
explore your own body and listen to what it tells you. For
example for a man the idea of teasing yourself by masturbating
until the point of climax, then stopping and counting to thirty
and then repeating this action around five times before taking
yourself to climax can really bring the most intense orgasmic

Ladies who have more erogenous zones needs to explore
them by herself so that she can relate the actions she has
found desirable during self-pleasure to her sexual partner.
Girls let take the clitoris for example; many women cannot allow
direct touching of the clitoris as the sensation is to strong.
Instead women may find using the tissue surrounding the
clitoris to stimulate you to a clitoral orgasm is the best way for
you. Imagine if you hadn't related to this to a partner first who
during a highly erotic moment went and directly touched your
clitoris which could kill what had been a wonderful experience.

Self pleasure and exploration is the key to love-making. In
other walk of life we practice makes perfect. Why then do
people not adapt this to self-pleasure? It seems like a logical
step to gaining the ultimate sex life and isn't that what we al

Hey and self pleasure is good fun too.

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