Sex by the Birth Signs - Igniting the Sexual Fire With Your
By Alexa Keating

Wanna light your lover's fire; set their world on fire? Every birth sign,
regardless of what the sign is, has things they are attracted to that ignite
their sexual desires. Some are subliminal and some are obvious; but they
all worth knowing!

So what's the hidden secret to stoke the flame in your love life by the signs?

ARIES: March 21 - April 20
Ruler: Mars Element: Fire Sign Color: Red Symbol: The Ram
Spiritual Element: Perseverance
Physical Element: Hot/Active
Emotional Element: Courageous

Aries survive on full throttle ahead; they love the thrill of the mating game and
always notice a sexual twinkle in the eye; even if you are strangers at the
airport. They are hot blooded and up for the hunt and willing to take you up
on a sexual romp. They love rapid fire movements, even in bed. Even more
exciting is planning the details to the sex game and then immediately
carrying it out; not much conversation after the sex play planning; its game

Arians love dynamic sex and are wildly turned on by a super fit body; one that
says 'I'm made for action!'

For Aires, it is bliss if you stop in the midst of something important and head
off for a romp and play and then head right back to work. The fast talking, fast
walking silver tongued devilish eyed rogue is an instant turn on. Aries may
play the field, and play it frequently. If Aries is the one you're trying to ignite,
remember you are dealing with a natural fire and force. Be natural,
spontaneous and down to earth. Pretentiousness is next door to boredom
with Aires. Think hot blooded games with fiery actions. The deadly sin for
bedding and exciting an Arian is never to bore them, they simply won't come
back. However, when they finally do commit to any relationship, they are loyal
to the end, so long as you don't bore them.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21
Ruler: Venus Element: Earth Sign Color: Green
Symbol: The Bull Spiritual Element: Secure
Physical Element: Active/Warm
Emotional Element: Sociable

Taurus is the lusty earth sign ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. Your
Taurus lover responds to their surroundings. They love the feeling of wealth
and cushy comfort; soft fabrics, enjoying a night of socializing with slow wine
and dancing in elegant surroundings. Think Cowboy Casanova with your
Taurus partner. You play Casanova and let them seduce you like a paid
date; shocking you say? Discussing the terms is the best part for them!
Leaving the elegant surroundings in the public eye and turning into the
tramp between the sheets is bliss for a Taurus date night.

If you are planning on an elegant, in home date, lower the lights, make sure
the food is sensuous, play beautiful and soothing music and waltz your way
into the boudoir for sex with utter abandon.

Taureans are sensuous; don't get bossy or manipulating with them or you
will watch the paid date make a fast exit. Think earthy and sensuous with
musky cologne or perfume and a long lazy romp.

Gemini May 22 - June 21
Ruler: Mercury Element: Earth Sign Color: Yellow
Symbol: The Twins Spiritual Element: Wisdom
Physical Element: Move/Cool
Emotional Element:Peaceful

Your Gemini lover requires stoking the fire before it suddenly bursts into full
flame ahead! You need to capture their mind first; sharing music, tales of
foreign places visited or anything that you can intelligently discuss is the
glue that bonds Gemini. Once they have decided to engage in the game, it is
full speed ahead! Gemini loves to play love games. Touching is essential,
soft, whispering and caresses while you decide who will play what role in
this next love game are a sensual start to igniting your Gemini.

This sign loves to touch; if you enjoy oral sex, nibbling on ears and other
erotic oral stimulation you will soar to the front of Gemini's preferred partner
list in sexual escapades. An impulsive sense of amusing one another is
essential to full flame ahead with your Gemini lover. Leave the fan on to
simulate the wind blowing through the skies leaving Gemini free to soar. If
you are slow to turn on you may find your Gemini has left the building. Once it
is game on with this sign, they are ready to play and are bored by the slow or
no stimulation partner.

Cancer June 22 - July 22
Ruler: Moon Element: Water Sign
Color: White/Silver
Symbol: The Crab
Physical Element: Peaceful/Cool
Emotional Element: Peaceful

Cancer rules the home and behind closed doors is where the crab comes
out to play. Leave the caveman tactics behind when you're planning on
igniting the crab to the heights of pleasure. They are turned off by an overt
show of power. Cancer rules the breasts and male Cancer's are attracted to
lacy feminine lingerie that showcases them. Cancer loves the bikini wax;
smooth, sleek soft skin is the turn on for the crab.

Cancer is a vibrant and sensitive lover and responds to romantic overtures,
soft music and sensual abandonment in their bed. They need to know their
lover before they seal the deal. They are not much interested in multiple
partners in a sex games. However, they are turned on by and willing to play
any role you choose to heighten arousal and create an explosion in bed.

LEO July 22 - August 21
Ruler: Sun Element: Fire Sign
Color: Orange/Gold
Symbol: The Lion
Physical Element: Hot/Move
Emotional Element: Purity

Leo has a royal personality, as in King of the jungle. They like living life large;
if you want to inspire a long sensuous growl from your lion there are cardinal
rules you must follow. Stinginess is a total turnoff for Leo. If you are planning
a night out in hopes of a hot mating game with the lion, even the tip must be
generous. It is essential to Leo that the world can see he or she has
captured the prize. You need to grace their arm by being the best dressed;
opulence is nice, but glamour is essential. Leo's have an inbred since of
being wealthy; an opulent lifestyle makes them feel powerful. And what is the
King of the jungle, if not powerful.

Treat Leo like the lion he/she is. Maintain direct eye contact, give them your
undivided attention when you are in public and more so when you are in their
lair. Leo is passionate; every sexual connection will be different. You may
entice with all over foreplay one night and then jump immediately into the
coals of the Leo passion the next. Like the jungle cat they are, you must be
tuned into their moods and stroke them while you stoke the fire with your
attention. The packaging is everything with Leo. Mind the manner in which
you dress for success in Leo's bed. Overt sexuality in jungle prints is fine so
long as the accessories are opulent. And Leo loves trinkets! Be one.

VIRGO August 22 - September 23
Ruler: Mercury Element: Earth Sign
Color: Brown/Navy
Symbol: The Lion
Physical Element: Healing
Emotional Element: Steadfast

If you are planning on igniting the fires of your Virgo lover you had better be a
clean machine. It is top of the list for what attracts the Virgo partner. And talk
a good game; Virgo loves it when you talk dirty to them, especially about
what you intend to do to them. They have an active imagination and can
follow the dirty pillow talk to wild orgasms!

Baths and massages together, sumptuous cologne, with plenty of earthy talk
and clean sheets, followed by ardent foreplay and hot sex are the stuff
memories are made of to be the call of the wild for your Virgo. A slovenly
lifestyle, dirt under your fingernails and no attention to detail is a surefire way
to begin a new relationship without your Virgo. On the other hand, a bright
white sultan's tent with piles of pillows is the magical, mystery tour with your

LIBRA September 24 - October 23
Ruler: Venus Element: Air Sign Color: Pastels
Symbol: The Scales
Physical Element: Warm/Grow
Emotional Element: Balance

If you are fanning the flame with a Libra, ambience is the theme in your
relationship. Libra has a very refined nature and loves quiet elegance in their
surroundings. Unlike Leo, who loves opulence, Libra loves elegance,
refined and polished elegance. In the boudoir silk under clothing and a soft
and sumptuous bustier are staples for the Libra retiring for great sex.

Massages to the lower back, music for the soul and food and wine after the
dance will waltz Libra into imagining you are the heights of passion. Add
kissing and cuddling afterwards to seal the deal in your favor. Avoid arguing
or base behavior with your Libra mate; balance is of utmost importance in
their relationships.

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22
Ruler: Pluto Element: Water Sign
Color: Dark Red/Black
Symbol: The Scorpion
Physical Element: Hot/Energy
Emotional Element: Strength

Scorpio strut their stuff in the sexual satisfaction department. They are proud
of being closely associated with pure primal sexcapades and particularly
enjoy the shock effect they have on a sexual partner. Your position to snare a
Scorpio reverses. You want to let them snare you in their web. Raw sexuality
is the preferred method of dress; tight jeans, studded T shirts and anything
else that ignores refined good taste and allows the raw sexuality to be
exposed is Scorpio driven.

Your Scorpio partner enjoys a variety of sexual positions. They are not turned
off by sex games, not even by S & M. They are not interested in the pain or
pleasure at that point, but love the unleashed power of sexuality expressed.
Awesome intimacy and a raw sexual connection define your Scorpio. So, to
entice the Scorpio to come out from dark wet cave to invite you into their
world, step back and allow them to overcome you as the master in the
bedroom. They thrive in that position. Scorpio is adept at one night stands
but thrives when they build trust in their sexual relationships. Scorpio has a
wicked sense of humor and despises anyone who doesn't.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 22
Ruler: Jupiter Element: Fire Sign
Color: Purple/Orange
Symbol: The Archer
Physical Element: Cooling
Emotional Element: Faith

Your Sag lover is filled with enthusiasm and loves hugs, kisses and loud
and playful fun. You may feel like you have captured a big, bounding, happy
puppy. If you are not turned on by rough and tumble sexual escapades you
may want to pass on the archer. They are simply filled with enthusiasm
about life in general and sex in particular. They are attracted to beautiful legs
and love whispering sweet nothings.

The best way to impress your Sag is by expressing your unabashed high
spirits before the sex begins and even more while in the throes of lust. They
hate artifice and will not be interested in any kind of relationship when they
sense it. Sincere compliments are welcome; don't bother with any artificial
behavior. They will sense it instantly and off goes the archer. They are owned
by no one so don't bother with trying to corral your Sagittarius. However, you
can coax them into your world on a permanent basis with your giggles and
pure joy in life in general.

CAPRICORN December 23 - January 20
Ruler: Saturn Element: Earth Sign
Color: Black/Dark Brown
Symbol: The Mountain Goat
Physical Element: Cool/Strong
Emotional Element: Power

Capricorn is the master of their destiny and the master of their sexual
prowess. Beginning with the intricately planned sex games they enjoy.
Capricorn, the goat, must climb the mountain and scale the top, even in the
sex games. To excite your Capricorn you must join in the intricate planning of
the games. The secret to igniting the goat's fire is the bantering sex play,
laughing, and sharing jokes along with the foreplay and kissing before sex
leads the goat to the top of the emotional mountain.

They enjoy oral sex and games that help build the momentum. Rituals and
easy familiarity with their partner only enhance their exuberance that leads to
the meat of the game, the actual act. This is where they enjoy committing the
bulk of their energy; and allows them to show off their prowess. Capricorn
hates irresponsibility.

Woe be unto the partner charged with ensuring the plan for the sex games
who failed to get it done, or failing to take your birth control pills. Your goat
will be completely turned off by this. They are also disinterested in 'quickies'
and any thought of group sex. However, understated cologne scents will
entice your Capricorn back to the game table.

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19
Ruler: Uranus Element: Air Sign
Color: Turquoise
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Physical Element: Cool/Balance
Emotional Element: Innovation

Aquarius lovers are zany and love the unexpected. A quickie in some
unexpected place in an unexpected opportunity is their idea of great sex.
This sign can be sexy in a cardinal way and yet remain distant in the act.
They would be comfortable in the Woodstock setting where multiple partners
in unexpected settings are possible.

Aquarians hate messy or emotional scenes in relationships and are
attracted to sex with other races; they love all that is outside the typical. You
may feel like you have encountered a lightening lit sky with bolts that seem to
jolt you as you engage in sex with an Aquarian. If it is a little shocking, it is
always memorable. They are willing to try almost anything and many times
gravitate to even giving bi-sexual relationships a chance.

PISCES February 20 - March 20
Ruler: Neptune Element: Water Sign
Color: Sea Green Symbol: The Fish
Physical Element: Balancing
Emotional Element: Healing

If you have assumed Pisces love to go with the flow, think again when it
comes to the sex department. They really enjoy the master and dominance
games. Add the sounds of water flowing to sooth the fish and you are
nearing a blissful state.

Pisces loves silk pajamas and all the spa essentials like scents, candles,
even incense to set the mood. This is a dreamy sign that needs coziness
and comfort to feel really stimulated. A whipped cream massage that allows
you to lick each other clean is a perfect Pisces love play game... soft,
soothing and sensuous. Foreplay and a long sensuous game into the
actual act are perfect for the Piscean.

This is a touchy, feely sign that needs to touch and feel every step of the way
to a bliss filled union. They hate showy, pretentious people, places or things
including clothing, accessories and attitudes.

The time you take to know who you're lovin' and what it takes to become the
most desired choice of sexual partner may be the edge that sets you apart
and sends you to the front of the line!

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