Sex Games - His Eyes Only: Remote Control Orgasm
by Dominic Daniels

What would you give to have the power to grant your lover an
earth shattering orgasm on command? What wouldn't you give
for the ability to bring her to the edge of ecstasy, and then hold
her there for as long as you wanted?

As amazing as that sounds, it's actually quite realistic for you to
accomplish. Because, you see, there is a certain toy that has
been designed to help you do just that.

Meet Joni's Butterfly - in concept, nothing more than a
miniaturized vibrator that is attached to a strap that you can wrap
around her hips. It's molded to fit snugly against her mons
veneris, centered right over her clitoris.

Joni's Butterfly - or any variation of it - has been the best selling
sex toy ever. It's a butterfly shaped vibrator of pink vinyl that a
woman straps over her vulva with four elastic bands. It has a
"clitoral stimulator," and "anal tantalizer," and four rows of
stimulating nodules.

All a woman has to do is switch it on and the butterfly will "fly and
flutter its tantalizing vibrations throughout her vaginal area." The
intensity of the vibrations can be controlled with a hand held
remote. The advertisement for Joni's Butterfly says: WARNING:
Once strapped into position and activated there is no escape
from the pleasurable sensations. Let's hope so.

Clearly, this is a sex toy that was designed by a woman. The
controller, however, is attached by a length of wire so you can
keep it in your hand - and therein lies the magic. (There may be
more recent models that offer a wireless remote)

Build some anticipation first. Have it gift wrapped (don't forget to
install fresh batteries) and present it to her at the start of your
date, explaining that it's a very special gift and must only be
opened at a very special time. She will be burning with curiosity.
And when the most intimate part of the night arrives - tell her that
it's time to take a ride on the Butterfly.

Help her put it on, or hold it snug against her clitoris as she
latches up the straps. Cuddle up behind her in the spoon
position, and then... start the machine. Slowly at first - let her get
used to the incredible tingle coursing through her most intimate

Then, when she is quite warmed up... turn it off! Nibble her neck,
squeeze her breasts, let her feel your own arousal as you rub up
against her backside - but make her wait to get that delicious
buzz again.

And then give it to her.

Slow, then fast; off... then on. You're building her up for an
explosion but using your remote control to keep it just out of
reach. From behind, slide your hand between her legs and feel
the wetness pouring from her.

As she draws near to orgasm, let your thumb find it's way inside
while your fingers press the Butterfly hard against her,
increasing the power of the vibrations. Now enjoy the sensation
as she rides your hand; imagine how it will feel when it's your
own swollen sex inside her.

Finally, when she can stand no more teasing, when she pleads
with you to let her come... slip in from behind. Turn the Butterfly
up to overdrive - and don't be surprised if you feel it, too - and
let your passion push you both over the top.

Now, the next time you are both watching television with friends
and they tell you they often argue over who gets the remote
control, you can say you also have the same problem... and then
look at each other and laugh!

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