Sex On A Schedule
by Mark Anderson

I was having lunch with my buddy Jim a few weeks ago when he
let me in on one of the most surprising sex secrets I’ve come
across in a while.  The genesis of our getting onto the subject
was as clichéd as a morning erection: a pretty girl walked by.  I
made an offhand comment about what her shape was doing for
mine and mentioned that I was far too many days overdue a
passionate encounter.

Jim raised his eyebrows at my comment.  He knows my partner
and obviously found it strange that we weren’t making the best of
our physical communications skills.  The explanation I offered
was simple; we both had busy schedules and just didn’t seem to
be able to find the right time, or the time at all for that matter.  
When we did manage to be in the same bed at the same time,
usually one of us was tired and not as “in the mood” as the
other.  The potential solution he offered was astounding.

His partner and he had faced the same issue many months
previously and their solution was simple – a sex schedule.  Jim
explained that they’d agreed to three times per week (he wouldn’t
elaborate on the exact days or times) and that they’d be home,
awake and ready for each other when their schedule said they

The solution worked for them and they even went one step
further – designating one of those three times as “oral sex
night”.  Whilst initially, I though that was hilarious, it occurred
to me that I’d love to know where my next blowjob was coming

When I stopped laughing I offered a concern that there would be
no passion when they came (pun intended) together on those
times.  Jim calmly explained that he had the same concern, but
that it never materialized.  Apparently they were so hungry for
each other on their first “appointment” they didn’t encounter any

Stunned as I was at the revelation, the best was yet to come.  
Jim explained how they’d started to look forward to their times
together, how they started to plan activities and surprises for
one another, and even how it became something of a challenge
for them to be inventive about how they pleasured each other.  
Apparently they started to think about their lovemaking more
between sessions, and desiring each other even more.

I thought I found the flaw in the arrangement when I asked him
what they did if they ever wanted a “quickie”.  Once again he had
the answer; quickies were fine, just so long as they both
understood that the schedule still stood, and both were expected
to participate fully… even if the next time on the schedule was
only hours away.  The reality of it was they were having more
quickies as well!

It began to make some kind of weird sense at that point.  All too
often in relationships issues can be traced to
miscommunication.  With Jim’s schedule, there was no chance of
that.  If the schedule said “Friday night”, then Friday night it
was.  No need for either partner to wonder what the other was
feeling like – they both knew the game was on.

Now, I’m not going to profess that this technique will work for
everyone; just ask couples who’ve tried making love to a schedule
in their efforts to conceive – sometimes it just doesn’t work.  
However, I thought Jim’s idea was interesting and there was a
real merit to it, given the busy lives so many of us seem to lead
these days.

I recommend the concept, if you ever find yourself in similar
circumstances.  Yes, my partner and I did try it… and I’m happy
to say it worked.  Our choice was to drop the strict schedule
when normal service resumed, but agreed that if we ever needed
to, we would go back to having sex on a schedule.
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Sex on a Schedule