Sex and The Senses: Do Men and Women Experience Sex Differently?
By Natasha

We know there are five senses, but there has been some debate on having a sixth sense. I’m not
talking about the psychic element, but the mind is a sense organ of its own and it plays a very important
part in sexual intercourse. Sex is one of the best parts of the human experience, some people debate
on whether our senses affect our experience during sex.

Sex can be a whole body and mind experience intertwined with our senses, but do men and women
have senses that are stronger during the actual act? Most people would say that men are more visually
inclined and this is one of the factors that arouse men before the act of sex. Once a woman has
aroused a man how does she anchor him in after he is aroused visually? Creativity and Imagination are
the keys - the mind.

Men love to talk dirty (hearing) and knowing how to be naughty in the bedroom just enough to drive your
man crazy with speech is exciting. You not only have your man's attention, but you have him hanging
onto your every word – turning you into his personal freak in the bedroom. Why do you think it is that the
phone sex business is so popular? Because men love to talk dirty! I am not saying you shouldn’t be
yourself, but let him know that he is appreciated and desired as your man. That’s why you have to tap
into your man's fantasies and find out what is it that he wants. It’s a true saying that a man wants, “a lady
in the streets but a freak in the bed."

Once he gets past visual stimulation, the senses of hearing and the mind will follow and take over for
men during the sex act. Telling him how good he feels, and how much you love him is good, but how
about taking it too another level; become his personal freak, mistress or the porn star you always
wanted to become. Get into his mind, surprise him by saying things that you have never said before in
bed. If you do this, you not only have him anticipating what you will do, but he will be aroused so much
that you’ll be driving him crazy.

Take this example: I once dated a guy who liked Hispanic women. Sometimes when we had sex, I
would say Spanish words like "o
h papi. Te deseo tanto... hazme el amor, mi amor. Eres tan hermoso/a.
Cogeme duro,fuerte! "
(Translation: Oh daddy… I want you so bad... make love to me my love. You are
so beautiful to me. Fuck me harder) I said these naughty words with such passion, I had him
anticipating what I would do next. The first time I actually did this he came so hard that he talked about it
for years, even though we no longer date.

I am not saying that the remaining senses touch, taste and smell are not as important. In particular
touching, tasting (licking) and smelling are great for foreplay. Personally, I love to massage, and kiss
and caress a man's skin and see how he responses. Most men like to have their cocks stroked and
played with to get them aroused but this is all part of foreplay. You have to find out where their sensitive
spots are.  Explore his ears, stomach, neck… find out what gets him hot and aroused. Wearing his
favorite perfume, the one that drives him crazy, can also help.

Women on the other hand are more inclined to be aroused by touching, hearing and the mind (THM).
It’s a matter of a man knowing how to trigger those senses the right way. Because I admit, women are
much more complex than men when it comes to arousal. Some women like to be caressed softly, but
others like a rougher touch. It’s all about knowing your lady's comfort zone. And once you’re in her zone,
it’s just a matter of anchoring her in with a little THM (touching, hearing and mind). Once you’re touching
her the right way you have to listen to her words and her body. A woman will not let you do something
she doesn't want you to do. Once you are hearing her, she will let you into her mind. Once you are in her
mind, and her comfort zone, you just might release the freak in your lady – the one you never knew was

A very good male friend of mine is an expert at using these three senses - THM - and his techniques
work very well, both for him and his partner. I am not saying that sight, smell and taste are not as
important, because they are part of foreplay for a woman. If you smell good and look good you might
arouse her but that won't get you to get her to sleep with you. That won't make her orgasm. If you want to
make a woman orgasm, try a little THM (Touch, Hearing, and Mind). Straight sex is fine, but you’ve got to
get into her mind first. This will bring you to her comfort zone, and you will be amazed at the orgasm she
will have with those senses firing.
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Sex and The Senses: Do Men and Women Experience Sex Differently?
©2006 by Natasha
All rights reserved.