Sex Tips For Men and Women
by Marie Paige

Sex makes the world go around but sometimes, we need some
tips. Whether your or your partners sexual experiences are
lacking or you are just looking to spice some things up a little
more, we have the best tips for men and for women about making
the bedroom a better place.

Sex Tips for Everyone:
Get them heated up by doing little things that can turn them on.
Everyone likes something different.

Talk about sex with your partner because it could lead to new
discoveries and experiences.

Be as equally active as your partner in order to bring maximum
pleasure. If you are both trying to be just as trying as the other,
the sex will be phenomenal.

Temperatures are very prominent while having sex, so try licking
and blowing on sensitive areas to arouse your partner.

Touch them all over and they will touch you all over!

If you get oral, give oral! It’s only fair!

Act out your fantasies and your dreams. Who knows, they might
be the best you’ve had!

Sleep naked together because it will lead to sexy dreams and sexy

Take it slow to really arouse and turn on your partner.
Compliment each other and you will prove strong.

Try having sex in new places like the shower, the living room or
even the kitchen! Nothing is more sexy then doing the deed
somewhere dirty.

Watch porn together to figure out what your partner likes.
Be comfortable with your body! If you can’t expect someone else
to be comfortable if you aren’t first!

Sex Tips for Women:
When riding your boy, move around in small circles on top of him
and it will drive him crazy!
Kiss the soft spot in front of his ear
Your tongue is a big part of the mouth! Use it!
Wear some sexy things for the short while that they are on.
Do your kegels because this will make it better for the both of you!
Flex your muscles down there and tighten them up.
Match his movements if he is on top. You don’t need to just lay
there and take it, but rather, find his rhythm and match it. It will
make you more into the sex and it will feel better for both of you!

Sex Tips for Men:
Find it and stick with it – Yes, we mean the clit!
Go deep, slow, fast, and all. The changing of intense movements
will make her go crazy.
Keep going and don’t tap out early! Many men have problems with
finishing too quickly, and it’s important to please your woman too.
It is easy to train yourself to last longer with many different ways!
Take control over your woman. Don’t boss her around or
anything, but keep the control and make her know that you are
her sexy man.

Take your time to explore her body.
Make some sounds because she wants to hear that she is doing
well. She is moaning so you should grunt a little.


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