Sexual Positions For Deep Penetration And Maximum Pleasure
By Andy Edmonds

Deep penetration can be very passionate and exciting for both
men and women as it can provide entirely new sensations and
higher levels of pleasure. As well as being very satisfying and
rewarding, it can also provide a sense of being deeply
connected with each other, both physically and emotionally.

Men have a natural urge to thrust as deeply as possible into
the vagina when they ejaculate and many regard this as the
best part of intercourse. Although most women prefer a more
shallow penetration, many will allow their man to penetrate them
deeply when they are exceptionally aroused, even if it hurts for
a few seconds.

But for those who want to experiment, there are certain sexual
positions that allow men to penetrate the vagina as deeply as
possible and even stimulate the cervix. Women vary in how
much they are aroused by cervical stimulation, but some find it
very exciting and pleasurable.

Deep penetration can also be enjoyable for women who have a
sensitive G Spot as it will help to stimulate the area and make it
easier to reach orgasm. To do this, its best to use deep
thrusting rear entry sexual positions that allow the penis to
vigorously stimulate the G Spot.

Its a good idea to play around with different sexual positions
until you find the best angle that suits your mood and provides
maximum pleasure. By making small adjustments to the angle of
penetration its possible to change the sensation entirely, which
is why its important to keep experimenting.


This position is the most comfortable to use for deep
penetration and it gives the man easy access to be able to
enter the woman from behind. As well as being able to slowly
and rhythmically penetrate her deeply, the man can also use
his hand to touch and caress the woman's breasts and clitoris
for added stimulation.

Spread Eagle

This position can be used to stimulate the G Spot while
thrusting deeply into the vagina. While the woman lies face
down and spreads her legs, the man can enter her from
behind. For deeper penetration, a pillow can be placed under
the woman's hips to slightly raise her bottom off the bed.

Deep Missionary

This position is a variation of the missionary position where the
woman needs to raise her legs and rest her calves on the
man's shoulders. The further the woman raises her legs, the
deeper the man will be able to penetrate her. The man can also
lean forward and push her legs down for the deepest possible


This position requires a sturdy piece of furniture such as a
table or bed so that the woman can sit or lay on it near the
edge and be level with the man's waist when he is standing or
kneeling. While holding the woman's legs apart, the man can
vigorously thrust in and out for deeper penetration.

Not all women will enjoy deep penetration, but those that do will
find it most enjoyable when they are fully aroused and
lubricated so its essential to use lots of foreplay and other
sexual positions first. This will reduce the risk of any pain and
friction that some women may feel during deep penetration.


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