Sexy Self-Loving For Two
Kinky Bondage Sex
By Olivia St. Claire

Did you know the single most important thing you can do to
become a great lover is double your own pleasure?

By focusing on you-learning what feels good where, when, and
for how long-you discover the secrets of your own body, so you
can better reveal them to your lover. You become an artist of
your own sexuality--savage, inventive, and magnetically wild.

Since time began, women have honed their lovemaking skills by
practicing the art of self-pleasure. Primitive cave drawings show
females touching their own bodies sensually. The great
Cleopatra used carved clay dildos to excite herself and her
many lovers. And in the ancient Far East, women created
tortoiseshell replicas of their lover's equipment (inscribed with
his name) to serve as "companions" during prolonged
absences. When reunited, the women amazed their lovers with
a repertoire of arousing new tricks.

These women understood that self-pleasure frees your body
and fires your imagination for hotter, more adventurous
lovemaking. In fact, erotic self-exploration can:

• flood your body with endorphins-for a happiness "high"

• teach you how to have deeper, more frequent orgasms

• reduce stress

• relieve menstrual cramps and vaginal dryness

• add freshness and spice to your lovemaking-while also
deepening intimacy

So don't keep all the fun to yourself. Here are ten ways to light
your own fire while, at the same time, turning your lover's flame
up to extra hot. A delicious double whammy of love.

1. Double Damp: Wet your finger in his mouth and circle it
around your nipples, making them glisten with excitement. Trail
the damp finger over your belly and, with a wicked gleam in your
eye, dip it into your vulva. Then touch the finger, now redolent
with your scent, to his lips and nipples.

2. Double Sassy: Ask him to lick your fingers while you massage
your nether regions.

3. Double Deli: Pour oil or wine over your breasts, letting the
liquid spill slowly over your curves. Rub it in. Then glide your
slick, hardened nipples all over your lover's face, chest, thighs,
and genitals.

4. In the Double Driver's Seat: One of the best self-pleasuring
toys in the world is your man's penis. It's warm, flexible, and
responsive as a Lamborghini. Oil it up, grab the gear shift, and
take it for a spin. Tickle your nipples, tease your inner sex lips,
trace circles around your clitoris, and, keeping it under firm
control, massage the inner walls of your vagina.

5. Double Tickler: Make his shaft an even more exciting toy by
adorning it with a tickler-a latex ring fitted with beads or soft
prongs, that encircles the base of his erection. The snug fit
makes him swell and become ultrasensitive, while the beads
give you bonus stimulation with every thrust. Buy a tickler at any
online sex toy store. Or make your own by putting several knots
in a nylon stocking. Wrap but don't tie it around him, or you may
not be able to release him afterwards!

6. The Bottoms-Up Double: When he's on top, cup your fanny
and lift it high enough so you can knead it with your fingers.
This provides deeper penetration-fun for both of you-and
stimulates your sensitive derriere. You can push your fanny
cheeks together, which tightens your inner muscles around him.
Or stretch them farther apart, exposing more of your labial skin
to his thrusts.

7. Double Dog: While in the doggie position, open your first two
fingers and place the crotch of this V over your pubic mound,
letting the sides of your fingers graze against his thrusting
organ. The fingers transfer vibration to your clitoris and back to
the often-neglected lower part of his shaft.

8. Double Slick: Massage his erection just enough to produce
pre-ejaculate fluids. Collect the few slippery drops with your
fingertip and-as he watches-rub them on your nipples, perhaps
your lips, and finally your own genitals. You feel silky, sexy, and
wet. He feels crazed with heat and lust.

9. Double Talk: When you have pleasured yourself to near-
orgasm, call your man at work. Tell him exactly what you're
doing, punctuating every phrase with moans and ragged
breaths. As you approach your peak, move the phone lower so
he can hear the slurpy sounds you're making. He may come
home immediately.

10. Double Good Vibes: During doggie sex, press a vibrator to
your thighs or pubic mound. Along with the thrusting, you feel
extra pulsation where it counts-and he feels it too, right through
the walls of your throbbing flesh.

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