Soft Or Hard Swinging, Which is Best For You?
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By Sandi Andersen

If you are new to swinging you may not be familiar with some of
the different terms you will come across, such as Soft Swinging
or Hard Swinging (also known as Full Swap). Let me help fill you
in on what the difference is so you will not be caught off guard.

Soft Swinging

Most swingers start out here, and many stay with this type of
swinging. Soft swinging basically means that anything goes
except for penetration with the other partner. Penetration is
saved for your own partner.

So what fun can you have without penetration.... Lots!

It is basically an extended foreplay session (Ted and I call it
Fourway Foreplay - but without the guys playing with each
other) with lots of kissing, caressing, and a ton of
oral sex.
Playing with
Sex Toys is also okay, including penetration with
sex toys. The only thing off limits is for one partner to penetrate
the other partner.

Some people also call completely staying with your own partner
Soft Swinging, but that is actually a form of Couples Voyeurism,
usually mentioned in Swingers Profiles as we like to watch and
be watched.

We actually met a full swap couple that was just not sure what
exactly they could do with a couple who only soft swaps so we
had to show them. Now this couple was thinking about getting
out of the lifestyle because it just seemed to not be for them,
until they found out how much fun soft swinging could be.

Hard Swinging or Full Swap

Just as the name implies this form of swinging includes a full
swap or intercourse with the other partner. Some people never
get to this point for reasons of their own, such as diseases or
intimacy issues, but many enjoy full swap quite a bit.

I would not be me if I did not remind you right now that you
should never have intercourse with someone else with a
condom, but I am sure you are smart enough to already know
that. It is just not worth the chance.

Both these forms of swinging can be done in the same room (so
that both couples are together) or in separate rooms. Even
when enjoying the experience of a threesome you will need to
decide if you are going to soft swing or hard swing. Everyone
MUST be in agreement as well.

Also do yourself a favor and talk about this before things end
up in the bedroom (or whatever room you are going to get
together). There is nothing more awkward than finding out that
the person you are with, and trying to get a condom on him, is
not into having actual intercourse with you. This conversation is
so much easier to have in non-sexual surroundings.

That's it now go out and enjoy yourself; just make sure both
you and your partner are on the same wavelength before you
pick-up some cute couple.

~ Play Safe, Ted & I always do

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