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Clitoral Piercing And Sex: A Sensitive Matter Uncovered
by S. Smith

Let's face it, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the
female anatomy because it is the only organ in the female anatomy
whose sole function is for sexual sensation. The clitoris is tucked
under the folds of skins where the top of the labia met. Since the
clitoris nerves run under the labia, when you have virginal or anus
sex, you are indirectly stimulating the clitoris. The majority of women
require direct clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. The most
common form of stimulation used by women are vibrators.

However, there are women who require a different kind of stimulation
to reach an orgasm; which in some cases can become a fetish.
Clitoral piercing is a form of clitoral stimulation which is intensified
during sex because you have a small metal stimulating the clitoris.
Having sex with a clitoral piercing can be very erotic and sexually
enjoyable. Given the fact that it can heighten sexual orgasm, it does
have several risks. Anatomically, the clitoris has to be large enough
to support the body jewelry and be pierced safely. Piercing a clitoris
that is too small can result in serious nerve damage. The most
common clitoral piercing can be either the vertical hood or horizontal

Only go to a skilled and experienced piercist first to see if your
anatomy is suitable for clitoral piercing. The piercing office should
remind you of a doctor's office, clean, antiseptic smelling, and
professional. You should interview the person who will be doing the
piercing. Ask about his/her sanitation methods, and instruments that
he/she use. Ask questions, lots of questions. How long has he/she
been piercing? What kind of training did he/she have? This will given
you a good feel for the piercist and his/her work environment. Go with
your instinct, if you have a bad feeling about the piercist. Get the hell
out of there!! Always follow your instincts.  Getting referrals from
friends who have had successful clitoral piercing is also helpful.

Tribalectic is a great interactive site to read clitoral piercing
testimonies and also view pictures of actual clitoral piercings. In
Addition, theres loads of information on other types of body piercings
on this site.  
©2005 by S. Smith
All rights reserved.