The views of EW:  BBW’s We’ve come along way baby !
by Erotica Writings © 2007

Being a BBW is very hard. We face those that I call chubby
haters who degrade you so badly that you want to end the pain.

Hurt feelings lead to more eating to comfort us. We avoid
looking into mirrors and glass windows. Most walk in denial
because if we don’t believe it then it is not me who they are
speaking of.

The BBW lover needs to speak up and make us feel as the
skinny Goddess does. I am in a wheel chair and I hear people
"if she walked she wouldn’t need a wheelchair."

Well dumb fuck if I could walk, I wouldn’t need to be in the
wheelchair. I swear people are so stupid.

I don’t want any special treatment, but if there are certain seats
on the bus for the elderly and handicapped then get your big
old’ ass out of that seat! As a heavy person walks through a
store people whisper rude remarks.

I am so tired of the damn phrase "Such a shame because you
have a pretty face.

" Yes mine is pretty, but what a shame that you sit on yours. I
think to myself.

Men who have the nerve to say . . . you mean people fuck you?
Well you big dumb Godzilla, you’ll never have the pleasure of
such an intense, wild fuck.

If you’re a BBW I want you to stand in front of the mirror and
repeat I am beautiful, I am beautiful and Keep repeating it 27
times each day.

Once you start walking around with confidence you are going
to believe it. Plus people who make fun will even look at you
differently. So straighten that posture and hold that shinning
smile up high.. JLO won’t even be able to stand next to you
Miss Sexy Thang.

Please email me and tell me what it has done for your out look
on life. I will post your answer’s in the next issue.

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Its not just the BBW's who are attacked by society, my sister's husbands
nephew slit his wrist twice now because he was being beaten up on by
bullies and called fat names towards himself and his family. Everyday he
went through this until he finally snapped. His family are all large and I
pray my little niece does not take after his family. Not one of them is
under 400.....
Harley Rose

You are right and children should be taught at home not to make fun of
people who are different.

People are cruel to others they see as different...I've lived with being
overweight my whole life and I've gotten to know the hurt and pain 1st
hand...I do have a wonderful support system now that we call Lizardt
(hubby) and that helps, he makes me feel beautiful in so many ways...
but even my dad will ask me if I'm going to try to lose some weight at
really bad moments....I just want to say *Nahhh, I think I'll eat until I can
take you out* Cats R. Wild

A lot of men do like us BBW’s some are just afraid of what their so called
friends would say.

I just want to put in my two cents and let you gals know I think you are all
hot and very desirable. Deep star 7

Thank for being real you sexy man

EW aka Erotica, Bravo hon! I wanted to share an article here that I wrote a
few years ago. It's called "America's Perfect Body Syndrome." I can
relate. I've struggled my whole life with weight/body issues (fluctuating
back and forth.) I lost 30 lbs last year only to gain all the weight back due
to a crazy job, stress, life--you name it. I've actually been feeling a bit
depressed about it lately. I sometimes put way too much emphasis on
the "physical" and get caught up in the self-image beat up cycle. Thanks
for reminding me that we're all still beautiful on the matter what
shape, size, or color, for that matter!

You rock, Erotica. I think your pics are stunning and I think your bod is
amazing. We are women and we have curves--oh yes, we do :)
:) Thanks Erotica--you're great!!

Thank you for sharing sweet heart and keep writing articles for us BBW &

You are wonderful...I am a woman of beauty and abundance too and
even though I have days of pain I do not let the pea brain minded get
me. I walk with pride and flash my blue green eyes. Keep up the
positive... CAH

Thank you for sharing with us ((((((((((((((CAH))))))))))))))

Hi EW,

Just to let you know that I love BBW's big time. My GF and I just broke up
about 4 months ago and I miss her. She was a little over 200 lbs and I
told her everyday that I loved her. I said, "Don't sneeze, I don't want you to
lose so much as a gram, I love you..." And I openly told her and other
people that when I look at the "before" and "after" pictures of women who
supposedly diet and look thinner, I love the "before" pictures. As for being
in a wheel chair, that is just another barrier for the person passing
judgement upon others, if you have a beautiful spirit inside, like in the
movie "Shallow Hal" people who love BBW's will see it. I just found out
that my Ex-GF didn't fall in love with me, so rather than impose on her, I
asked her two questions almost everyday and from time to time, "Do you
love me, just for today?" and "Would you marry me just for today?" and
she said yes to both questions. I knew it was right thing for then and I
made it a point of making her feel special because I cared but it was not
enough. I also realized that the saying "If you can't be with the one you
love, then love the one you're with." My Ex-GF said she wanted to find
someone she could connect with, she loved me but not the same way I
loved her, she had low self-esteem and wanted to deal with previous
relationship issues that she was not proud of and she needed time
alone and wanted to moved on. She told me that of all the relationships
she'd had, I was her best and she'd always cherish our time together.
Anyway I've lost 25 lbs and am now 175 lbs and all sorts of women flirt all
the time, so I must not be that unattractive. I moved to a new city to start
life over and I met someone who is about 115 lbs. She is beautiful and
I'm attracted to her because of her personality, however I'd prefer
someone who is slightly overweight because that's my preference.
Whatever your shape, whatever your condition (wheelchair), whatever
your age (adult), I strongly believe there is a soulmate out there. When
someone breaks up with you or rejects you, don't look longingly at the
closed door for you will miss the opportunity of the ones that are opened.
I'm nobody special nor am I a player, I am a one-woman man, pure and
simple. I respect people's boundaries and live each day as if it were my
last. By helping others I have found happiness and found that kindness
goes a long ways too. Sometimes you could be attracted to someone,
ask them if they'd go out for a coffee sometime, some guys are shy, I
know I used to be... I don't plan on rushing into my next relationship
either, I want to get to know the person first, be friends.... and if it leads to
a higher level, great... if not, there are more singles out there....just
around to corner waiting for that opportune time. It kind of reminds of job
hunting, I got turned down at least 50 times before I landed a job that I
liked, good pay, good opportunities, so too with finding a partner....
rejection is just part of the process... when you get knocked down, pick
yourself up, dust yourself off and go to the next one... and do it in a
positive manner. I'm glad the Creator made BBWs... Some just don't
know how lucky they are....they get caught up in what others think about

Several years ago after my GF and I broke up for the 3rd time, I was
travelling home, which was 3 hours away, I stopped to use the phone
because I don't like cell phones, I saw this woman walk by, she was at
least 250 to 300 lbs and I wanted to drop the phone and go ask her if she
was single. But my buddy on the phone wanted to chat forever and I
missed my chance and never saw that woman again. God, she was
beautiful. I prefer big hips, however that's not the only criteria, as long as
the person cares and shares the same interests, a lifetime together
would be like living in Heaven. For me, it wouldn't make a difference if
she was in a wheelchair, was an amputee, or whatever other barriers are
out there, I would love her if she loved me just as much in return. For
every woman I'm sure there is a Prince Charming or Soul Mate just
waiting to find them, providing if that's what they're after or whatever is
their sexual preference. Life is too short to judge others for what goes
around comes around. I'm not religious either, more spiritually oriented. I
am outgoing and friendly and make it a point to get along with everyone,
even the difficult people. Whatever is meant to be... will happen...

Just to let you know that my Ex-GF and I are friends, I miss her and I
valued the quality time we had together. She had 5 children and it took
over 2 years before they accepted me on their terms. I treated them with
respect and kindness and now 4 1/2 years later and we're friends even
though their mother and I have parted. When you meet someone and
they have children, they are part of the deal of your new relationship, it
has to be a package deal or it won't work. Reject them and you reject
their mother. Treat them as though they were yours and in time they will
come around, even though you realize that you can never replace their
father. Anyway, I see it as another chapter in my life and that my journey is
now taking another path...

I read some of the responses that people have said about you, how they
liked your picture, I didn't see any... do you have another website? Just
curious on what you look like....

In the Spirit of Cooperation


DJ Shackel

Thank you so much for responding to this article and I wish more
women, men would step forward as a BBW LOVER. We BBW's are sexy,
have extra meat to hang onto and to love. Thank you DJ and here is the
site you requested

Hope to hear from all of the readers