What's the Big Deal About Oils And Lubes?
By Shayla Moore

There are lots of reasons why we may begin using them, to re
lubricate during long love making sessions, to use with a toy,
to use with condoms, etc. and then we find that they just feel

First, let's determine the difference between the two. Oils are
for use anywhere on the skin and are generally better used to
enhance massages and not so much in lovemaking.
Repeatedly applying oil to the sensitive skin of a woman's
intimate areas can cause her some problems in the long run.
Lubricants are safe for intimate areas for long term use even if
used daily. Another disadvantage to oil is that it can cause
condoms to break down very quickly, leading to tears.

Oils definitely have some advantages though. They feel
incredible to touch. Used to enhance massages, they are the
perfect way to make friction work for you instead of against
you. Just the right amount of oil will allow your fingers to slide
into the most intimate of places.

Lubricants on the other hand tend to dry in the open too
quickly to make good products for use with massages.
Lubricants are designed to provide long lasting moisture when
used as a replacement for what one's body produces or
doesn't produce on it's own. Lubricants, used on more intimate
skin, provide longer lasting smooth moisture sufficient to keep
friction from burning or causing other delicate problems.

Intimate dryness isn't just a woman's problem. The male
partner can actually cause tears in the delicate skin around
the head of his penis if not sufficiently lubricated. Friction
burns can also be extremely uncomfortable if both partners
aren't careful about maintaining sufficient lubrication.

Lubricants can be used with condoms, on both the inside and
outside, as they do not break down the materials used to make
condoms. In addition, lubricants will not harm the delicate skin
they will come into contact with.

Lubricants are digestible and sometimes have added
ingredients that taste good. They can be used in places that
may come into contact with the mouth where oils are not as
digestible and are much more difficult to make palatable. Most
oils, however, will not cause any damage if they are ingested,
they just don't taste good.

Both lubricants and oils can have an added ingredient that
causes a heating sensation when any amount of friction is
applied. In addition to friction, blowing on the lube or oil will
cause the heating sensation. This heating sensation is
particularly arousing to the male partner causing an explosive
erotic response.

Like many women, I have a collection of lubes and oils that I
keep in my sex box under the bed along with my special silver
vibrator and a fresh set of batteries. I like to try new products
and different flavors as they come out. There is one in
particular that I discovered recently. It is a lubricant but comes
in the form of a cream instead of a liquid. Like all the others, it
is safe for your skin, provides great lubrication, safe for
condoms but unlike all the others, it feels really good in the
cream form. It stays where you put it and doesn't stain
anything should it get away from you and onto the sheets or

Consider buying several smaller bottles of various types and
flavors until you find the ones you like the best. Don't forget to
use the oils for the times you just want to feel special. Oils can
be applied for the moisturizing effect and not just limited to
intimate times. I have a minty oil that I use regularly on my
ankles and feet when they are feeling overworked and tired.
Many oils have an aroma that evokes a particular feeling.
Occasionally you will run into places that allow you to make
your own massage oil scents. This is the prefect chance to
experiment a bit with what scents turn you on.

Regardless of what the result is, don't give up after just one
try. You will find just the perfect massage oil that makes you
crave those late night massages and just the perfect lubricant
that makes sex a wonderful experience.

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