Talk Dirty To Me
by Kylyssa Shay

You know how to talk already. You just might not know how to
talk dirty during sex. Talking dirty during sex is a big turn on
for a lot of people but many are afraid to try it. They are afraid
they'll do it wrong or that their partner will be offended or
laugh at them. Like most other things you try in bed, you might
want to give your partner a head's up before using vulgar
words to spice things up.

To be perfectly honest it's all going to be trial and error.
Everybody's different and the things that drive one person
wild might do nothing for another. However, I have some
suggestions you can start your homework with.

In my opinion, dirty talk should begin well before sex. Send
your lover naughty texts or emails, describing what you'd like
to do with him or what you are wearing. Whisper a sweet,
naughty something in her ear while you are out shopping. In
private conversations, casually express how much you
enjoyed making love last night. It's like keeping the lines of
sexual communication open in a hot, sexy way. Remember
flirting? It's just flirting: stage two. Subtle innuendos fit right in.
You don't need to start with vulgar words right off, you can
begin by just having sexually charged conversations.

When you're ready to dive in you may want to start with
compliments during sex, go with your feelings. Things like
"Oooooh, I love fucking you" or "I love the way your cock feels
inside me" or "your mouth is so beautiful I want to fuck it"
might be good starting points. You can also say what you are
feeling, being candid and emotional. "It feels so good when
you lick my balls" or "my pussy's so wet" can fit right in.
Another approach is to ask for what you want, again, with
deep emotion. "Oh, yeah, suck it, suck it harder!" or "I want to
feel your cock inside me right now!" are good examples of
this. These are only examples, be creative and be genuine.
Express your feelings without inhibitions. Talk from your
tingling genitals.

You can slowly work your way up to more taboo language and
involve role-playing. This is where calling each other raunchy
names might come in. A man calling his partner a whore or a
dirty little slut during sex is generally playing a role.
Sometimes, this can serve as verbal encouragement for her to
role-play, too. She can play the role of the "dirty little slut"
which might make both partners more comfortable having wild
monkey sex. After all, do you think of having anal sex with
Jessica (mother of three, accountant) or do you fantasize
about cornholing Jessica the wild slutty sex kitten?

Don't worry about sounding cheesy, out of context, pretty
much all sex talk sounds cheesy. To increase your sex slang
vocabulary you can read erotica (maybe together?) and even
consult a slang dictionary.

A few of my favorite resources for sexy words are these:

As always, have fun and Happy Fucking!

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