The Most Reliable Sex Technique for Clitoral Orgasm
by Oliver N Chapman

The clitoris is the source of amazing pleasure for women but
being able to reliably stimulate it to achieve an orgasm can be a
frustrating and exasperating experience for many beginners.
Every woman's clitoris is different and what worked for one woman
won't work for another. You can use all manner of pressures,
speeds, motions, rhythms, strokes, directions of movement and
even the body part you use can vary, whether it be the penis,
fingers or tongue that you use.

In addition, many sex manuals can be incredibly vague in their
instructions on how to stimulate a woman to a clitoral orgasm
using your fingers. Many women report that "rubbing in a circular
motion" is good but when it is time to do that and you have a real,
live woman in front of you in bed with her legs wide open,
suddenly your brain is assailed by myriad possibilities: speed -
fast or slow? Movement - clockwise or anticlockwise? Pressure -
light, heavy, medium? How wide of a circle should I make? Do I
encompass the clitoral hood in this or are we strictly focusing on
the glans? When I reach the bottom of the glans, is it O.K. to
brush over the frenulum where the inner labia meet? Will doing
this interrupt the rhythm? Is it even possible to create a rhythm
when moving in a circle anyway? Is this fingers-only or will it work
with my tongue also? Can I use saliva to make my fingers wet or is
lube necessary?

Many experts say that these questions can get answered simply
by practice. Every woman is different, so giving precise answers is
difficult. Also, many women change their preferences on a daily
basis, preferring one pressure one day and another speed the
next. You need to find her rhythm anew each time anyway. So
what further guidance can be given?

Well, there is a particular method that has been shown to be
hugely effective and that is the Welcomed Method. What I really
like about this method is how super-accurate the instructions are.
So let's get to it!

1. The woman lies down on the bed face-up, legs open.

2. The man sits on her left side.

3. The man puts his left arm under her left leg so his hand is
holding her left buttock cheek.

4. He pushes the thumb of his left hand into the perineum (which
is between the fourchette at the bottom of the vulva, and the
anus). This makes her feel comfortable and keeps the clitoris
from moving too much.

5. He puts lots of lubrication on her clitoris.

6. He brings his right hand over the top and puts the very tip of
his right index finger directly on the clitoral glans.

7. He strokes the clitoral glans from dead-centre out to the one
o'clock position (11 o'clock from her point of view) and back
again; this is one stroke.

8. This stroke should be done at a speed of 1-2 strokes per

9. The maximum movement from dead-centre to the one o'clock
position should be half an inch.

10. This will put her into a state of orgasmic ecstasy for as long as
she wants but she won't climax. When she wants you to let her
climax, use dirty talk and dominance and tell her to go over the

I think that every sex manual should aspire to describing sex
techniques to this standard and level of detail. This would then
minimize the amount of time-wasting men spend on trial-and-error
approaches to putting vauer instructions into practice! I hope this
information helps you to give your woman the clitoral orgasm she
has always wanted!

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