The Myths About Making Him Wait
By Nikki True

I answer a vast variety of sex and relationship questions, but
one of my more popular question is HOW LONG SHOULD I
great guy, chemistry is amazing, returns calls and text, plus he
is 7 times fine! You invite him over and you both are wanting to
take it to the next level. Yet you have the biggest fear that he
will see you as the one you fuck not the one you marry if you
give it to him to soon. One thing I want to correct are some of
the myths behind making a man wait to sleep with you.Women
everywhere want to be respected but we sometimes go about it
in a manner that doesn't stay true to what we want. We get
caught up in labels and methods yet still get screwed over in
the end( and not in that good way). So Nikki True will dispel
some of the myths that most women have when it comes to
making a man wait for a piece of your cookie. Hopefully this will
keep you from holding out for the wrong reasons.

CATEGORY!!! No matter if you admit it out loud or whisper it to
yourself you want to get married. So you want to put yourself in
the best position to make him buy the ring and put it on YOUR
finger. The misconception comes when women believes that
making a man wait for sex and doing only that..will make him
want to put a ring on it. Men look for the total package meaning:

-Can we hold a conversation together outside of talking about
the weather and what happened on TV

-Is she domesticated (yes ladies men like this) does she cook,
clean, manage finances, be a good mother etc.

-Does she make him feel LIKE A MAN!, makes him feel wanted,
makes him the protector, isn't overbearing or trying to wear the
pants all the time.

-Does she show him respect in and outside the public eye

-Can he trust her and see her as an equal

-Is she freaky (men like freaks, just not community freaks)

While there is more to add those are the basics of what a man
ready to marry is looking for. Notice I didn't list "will make me
wait 4 to 6 months for sex" because men aren't thinking like
that. Why we as women think like that is because we listen to
everyone else instead of talking to the man we are dealing with
and getting his opinion on the matter. We get caught up in our
girlfriends, magazines, and other sources saying "you do this
and you're a hoe" which leads into my next myth!

Trick, Harolet, Skeezer, Scallywags! All names that describe a
woman with loose morals and open legs. She's like a doorknob,
everyone gets a turn and more than once. So its obvious that
no woman wants to be looked at in this manner and that a
great thing to try to achieve. The myth comes when we make a
man wait 3 months,give him some,and poof he's gone like you
asked him for gas money! You did everything right..right? Here
HOES!!! If you sleep with him on the first date or on your one
year anniversary he will lose interest as soon as he gets you
horizontal. It doesn't matter if you are a christian virgin and you
decide to give your hymen and heart to some men, as soon as
his penis touches your vagina, YOU A HOE! Is it true hell no,
but his mindset is just like that. Nothing you did, nothing you
can do.

Do what is true to you and makes you feel comfortable. Don't
make him wait out of fear of labels, make him wait for your own
piece of mind. What I suggest all women do is notice the signs
about the man you are dealing and pay attention to his attitude
towards all women not just you. Really get to know him. If he
speaks about every woman from exes to Beyonce in a negative
manner referring to them as basic bitches, ratchet broads, or
any other derogatory term chances are holding out isn't going
to make him respect nor cherish you. In fact you get your ass
away from him pronto because he is NOT who you want to deal
with clothes on or naked.

Now I am not saying go balls to the wall and start screwing
everyone on the first night. Unless there's a 24 hour STD
testing site you do need to learn about your love interest's
sexual history and get tested. What I am saying is don't be so
caught up in wait times and numbers. If the man you are
dealing with is that shallow to judge you on how long of a pussy
probation period you gave him then chances are he will find
other things to nitpick about to. This issue shouldn't be the
deciding factor in something as serious as love. If you two are
consenting adults who are comfortable with each other and
fully aware of each others sexual health then get it on! I know
you want it just as bad as he does and women have needs too!
Do what is going to make you not have any regrets. That way


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