:: The Peep Show by Hector P. Escalera © ::
:: The Peep Show (A True Story) ::
Peter was always messing around on the internet, sending chain letters,
and talking to new people every day. Until one day, he started chatting
with this woman that intrigued him, her named was Linda.

Now Linda was an attractive and seductive, young woman, who lived in a
different state from Peter. For about two months, they wrote to one
another, constantly, Exchanging pictures, fantasies, and basic information
about one another. As time went by, they started to feel more attracted to
one another, growing strong feelings, they thought couldn’t happen.
Then one day, Peter couldn’t take it any more, he wanted to meet the
woman, whom he has been chatting with, as he felt, was forever. So, Peter
wrote an e mail to Linda, telling her, how much he cares for her, and how
much he wanted to physically meet her. He explained to her, that he was
getting tired of writing to her, and not being able to touch her soft skin,
and kiss her, like he wanted. Linda’s feelings were mutual, so they agreed
to meet. She was to come to his state, and pick him up from work.
Peter warned her, before they met, "Sweety, I am a very open person, so if
decide on kissing you, when I see you, don’t be too surprised, ok?" And
she replied, "Don’t be surprised if I kiss you first." The challenge has been
laid out, both of them were so excited, that they couldn't even contain

This was going to be their first date, and everything seemed, too good to
be true. Peter started his day as normal, went to work, and did his job. He
called her about 6 in the evening, just to make sure, she was still coming.
And she assured him, she will be there at 11pm sharp. So Peter continued
to talk to her for a while, to somewhat ease his mind about meeting
someone new. Peter was the shy, but very-open-minded type, though he
talked about making the first move on her, in reality, he has never made
the first move with any woman, he's encountered. Before they finished
talking, Peter gave her the address to his job, and directions on how to get
there. His last words to her, before they actually met face to face, was I
think I am falling in love with you Baby. I know it's too soon to tell you those
words, and we haven't even met each other yet, but you are the first
person I think of, when I wake up in the morning. I think of you all day long.
And you are the last person, that's on my mind, before I go to sleep every
night. For some time now, you have been my everything, and I want you in
my life. I wanted to tell you this before we met, so you know where I stand
with my feelings towards you. I hope this doesn't complicate things. Linda
seeming a little shocked by his words, replied, Baby, I feel the same way, I
have been trying to work up the courage to tell you, but I just didn't know
how you would take it. I am falling for you too Baby. Peter smiled
endlessly, what he felt for her, was returned, a love unmatched. So they
hung up with one another, and Peter's day went as normal.
After a while, Peter started getting nervous. As each hour passed, his
patients were wearing down on him. It was about 9:30pm, and being as
nervous as he was, he called her, to cancel their plans, because he just
didn’t know, if he was really ready to meet her. Her phone rang non-stop,
there was no answer, and that’s when he lost it. He paced around his
workplace, in a frantic state, he didn’t know what to do next. So he decided
to turn off all the light in the building, hoping when she comes, she'll think,
he stood her up.

He went throughout the building, doing his random checks, and realized,
the front door was still open. So he immediately went to the lobby, and as
he approached the front door, to lock it, a woman knocked on the glass. It
was Linda, and Peter didn’t know what to do. He stared at her for a couple
of seconds, before letting her in. He opened the door, and she attacked
him with kisses. And being as open as he was, he went along with the flow.
Finally, after a couple of minutes, they actually said hello, with words. He
expressed to her, his surprise, because she had arrived an hour early.
She said, "We've been talking all this time on the internet, I couldn’t wait to
see you, touch you, and kiss you." He blushed, and said to her, "Baby, I
have to be honest with you, I tried calling you about a half hour ago, to
cancel our plans, I was so nervous to meet you. But now that you are
here, I am glad I didn’t catch you."

Peter escorted Linda to his office, where they will be more comfortable
talking. But to Peter's surprise, they did more kissing than talking. Finally,
he stopped her, and told her, "Sweety, I have to stop kissing you, don't get
me wrong, I could kiss you all night, I love kissing you, but when I start
kissing someone, I get so turned on, the temperature starts to rise, as well
as other things." She giggled, as if she didn’t believe him, so she reaches
down, and passed her hand over his dick, and realized it was hard. She
said, "Damn, kissing really does turn you on, huh?" And all Peter could do,
is shamelessly smile.

She purposely started to kiss him deeper and more passionate, and he
started to breathe uncontrollably, as if he couldn’t take it any more. He
warned her to stop, because he wouldn't be able to contain himself for too
much longer. He thought to himself, "Since I am at work, I can't really act
up, like the way I want too, so I guess I can control myself, for a while." Or
at least that’s what he thought, before things started to happen.
About 11:35pm, Peter’s partner came in, to relieve him of his duties, So
Peter decided to show Linda the building, since it was somewhat of a
Historical Place. Peter wanted to show off a little, and try to impress Linda,
so he gathered his things, and walked towards the elevators. While
waiting, they exchanged seductive stares, as if inviting each other for a
passionate moment.

The elevator finally came, and Peter took her hand, and lead the way,
Things started to happen from there, she couldn’t keep her hands off of
him. They rode he elevator for 15 minutes, while all that time, they were
kissing and feeling on one another. She unzipped his jumpsuit, and
grabbed his dick and massaged it gently, in a circular motion, and that
lead him to lift her skirt, and rubbed her vagina, softly. By the time, they
finished kissing and turning one another on, they slowly got out of the
elevator, holding each other's hand. Which then he noticed, where they
were, in the basement level of the building, his favorite place to be.
Peter decided to show her the auditorium first. By then, they were both hot
and bothered, and just by the gleam in their eyes, they immediately knew
what they wanted to do.

He took her into the back stage area; and all that was there, was a Piano
and a stool. He asked her, "Would you like to have a couple of drinks?"
And she replied, "Yes." So he grabbed the bottle of Vodka out of his bag,
and pour the both of them a couple of drinks. Being as playful as he can,
he started to play the theme song to the Pink Panther, on the Piano, when
he noticed, she started to get a little hot. (And it wasn't because of the
song) So he stopped playing with the piano, and started to play with her.
He initiated the kiss this time, and things started to get real hot at that
moment. Again, she unzipped his jumpsuit, exposing his upper and part of
his lower body. She started feeling on his chest, slowly moving her hand
down. Then she put her hands inside his jumpsuit, and she started
massaging his dick. He figured, he would make it a little easier for her, so
he dropped his jumpsuit off his body, so she can have actual access to
everything. He stood in front of her naked..

When he did that, She immediately went down on him. Slowly sliding her
tongue down the shaft of his dick, and back up, to engulf his whole dick in
he mouth. She was sucking him, as he hesitantly shouted, "OH SHHHH."
She knew

she had him, where she wanted him. She started to lick the head of his
dick, as her hand stroked up and down his shaft. He was really getting into
it now, so he reached over, and impatiently tugs on her skirt, and slowly
undressed her. First taking off her saturated thongs, as his hands
caressed her Hot, Wet, Pussy. He then took off her skirt, then unbuttoned
he shirt. She was as naked as he was, and for a minute, he paused, just to
look at her beautiful sculptured body.

He started playing with her vagina, rubbing her wetness with two fingers.
He placed his fingers in his mouth, to taste her sweetness, and that drove
him crazy. Then he took those same fingers, and penetrated her, slowly.
Her body flexed, as if she wasn't prepared for it. He massaged her vagina
walls, reaching for her G-Spot, and when he slightly touched it, she
moaned for more. He could tell, she started getting into it, because she
sucked him harder, almost making him cum.

Sweat was dripping from both of their foreheads, He was getting too
aroused, he wanted to taste her badly. So he stopped her, and bent her
over, in a doggy style position, over the piano, lifting her left legs on the
piano keys, and started to lick her uncontrollable. As he was licking her,
he slowly penetrated her, in both her pussy and ass, at same time. She
held onto the piano, as much as she could, screaming with passion, She
screamed, "Peter," in a passionate tone, as he pleased her non-stop. He
could tell, she loved every minute of it, but she couldn’t take it for much
too long, She started to scream, "Baby, I am about to cummmm." And just
when she was about to explode, she moved away fast, as if something was
wrong, and pushed him down onto the piano stool.

She sat on his 8 1/2 inch dick, but not yet penetrating herself. She took his
dick, and started rubbing it against her pussy lips, and she can tell, it was
feeling so good to him. She asked him, "Do you want me to put it in." He
said, "YESSSSSSSSSS Baby, YESSSSSSSSSS," with no hesitations. She
put his dick inside of her, and she started moving up and down, Slowly.
She tightened her vaginal muscles, and teased his dick, by moving back
and forth. After a couple of minutes, things began to heat up more, So
every time she came down on him, he thrusted up in her. And each time
he did that, she moaned with delight.

Twenty minutes later, he couldn’t take it any more, Barely using words, he
told her, "Baby, I am about to cummmmmm." So she stopped riding him,
jumped off in a hurry, and immediately put her mouth on his dick. She
jerked him off, wanting him to cum in her mouth. He screamed, "Baby, I am
cummmmming." And she didn’t hesitate to swallowed all his juices.
He laid there in amazement, because this was the first time, anyone has
ever done that to him. She slowly climbed up to his chest, to give him a
kiss, and she was surprised, because he didn’t move away, he kissed her
right back. He whispered, "Baby, I'm not done yet, I want you to cum, I want
more of you." So he grabbed her, and laid her on the stool, and
impatiently, he put his penis back inside of her, and started stroking, Hard
and Fast. He wanted her to cum, as hard as he did. He wanted her to cum
all over him.

Fifteen minutes into it, her moans were getting, louder and louder, he
knew, she was almost there. So he really started stroking Harder and
Faster, The slaps of their skin, echoed in the room, he stroked her harder,
as if he were getting revenge for something that once went wrong. He
wanted to feel her cum, all over his dick. She screamed, "Baby, I am
cummmmmmming." And he stroked her as hard as he can, until he felt her
body tremble. He felt her warmth, surrounding the shaft of his dick, and
slowly came out of her. Then he slowly, moved his head between her legs,
licking her clit, as her body jumps on impulse.

So there they were, making love on top of a piano. After they were
finished, they had the biggest laugh, because of where they were at. See,
that was the first time, for both of them, that they have ever made love, on
top of a piano, and just the experience of it, was enjoyable.
So they got dressed, and left his job, with the biggest smile on their faces.
They got outside, and he asked her, "It’s a little late, where would you want
to go?" She replied, "Baby, as long as I am with you, it doesn’t matter.
Let's just take a walk and talk." He had no problems with that, so he
grabbed her hand, and lead the way.

They walk to a park, not far from his job, and they sat there for a while,
just talking about, what they wanted from one another. But soon, it started
getting cold, so they decided to find a place, in doors, to warm up.
They walked a couple of blocks, and found a bar, where there were
strippers performing topless. She wanted to go inside, and have a couple
of drinks. With a surprised look, he lead the way. It looks like a decent
place, not to rowdy, it was somewhat private, no one questioned who came
in and why. So they decided to stay there for a while, to drink a little, get
warm, and enjoy the show. See, she didn’t mind being there, because she
was BI-sexual, so she enjoyed the show, just as much as he did.
They had a couple drinks, and everything was cool. For some strange
reason, he hesitated looking at the women, who were dancing topless, and
kept his focus on Linda. She noticed he wanted to look, but didn’t out of
respect, so she bluntly said, Baby, don’t that girl have some nice breast?
He giggled, and shamelessly agreed, from there, he felt more comfortable
talking to Linda, and looking at other women.

Then Linda hit the ground, as she tried to get out her seat, and Peter that’
s when realized, she was a little too drunk. So he picked her up, and
decided she needed to get some air, maybe she'll sober up a little. They
walked around for about 45 minutes, and she started to somewhat, come
back to her senses. She knew what has happened, and felt a little
embarrassed, but Peter, being the person that we was, downplayed it, he
said, Baby, that could have happened to anyone. Then he started telling
her the times when he was drunk, and he met the ground a few times. His
stories eased her shame a little, and she started to feel better about

They stopped in front of a Peep Show Entertainment Center, and she
decided she wanted to go in, and see the women dance. He told her, "I am
not going in there with you, you're a little too drunk right now, and you're
not thinking straight." But she looked at him, as if he was crazy, and
decided to go in anyway, and dragged him along.
They went inside, and she asked the man at the front desk, "Where are
the women?" All he could do is laugh, as he pointed up stairs. So they go
up stairs, and she buys $20 worth of tokens, and picks a booth, and they
go inside.

As she starts to put the tokens in, the window goes up slowly. The woman
behind the glass, asked them, "What would you want me to do?" So Linda
answers, "Just watch...." Peter looked at her, like she was crazy. Then she
starts to kiss him uncontrollably.

Everything from there immediately got hot, he unzipped his jumpsuit and
dropped it in an instant, and she immediately went down on him. She
engulfed his dick, sucking fast and hard. He held onto the glass, as he
tried to keep his moans, at a low tone. But he couldn't keep it low for too
long. The woman behind the glass, couldn’t believe what she was seeing,
but I guess she couldn’t help herself, and said, "How does it feel Papi?"
He just looked at her with pleasure in my eyes, and kept quiet. Linda
stopped, came up to him, and kissed him, passionately. Peter couldn’t
help himself. he was so turned on, so he bent down to one knee,
aggressively took off her thongs, and lifted Linda's legs to his shoulders,
as he ate her controllable. He was loving every minute of it. It didn’t take
long, she couldn’t take it any more, So she told him, "Just put it in, Papi.
Please..." And so he did, without any arguments.

He placed her hands on the wall, arched her back, and gave it to her in a
doggy style position. With every stroke, he gave Linda, the woman behind
the glass was telling him, "Give it to her Papi, Show her what a real Puerto
Rican man is made of..." And with every word, the woman behind the glass
was saying, it was turning him on, more and more. He started to stroke her
harder and harder, and she started screaming louder and louder.
Thirty minutes into it, She screamed, "Papi, I am cummmmming." And he
stroked her harder, as he started to feel her cum, dripping off of his balls.
He knew, that was the hardest, she had ever came.

But he didn’t stop there, he wanted to cum too. So he started to stroke
harder and faster, and she was screaming, Louder and Louder. She
started to bang on the glass, feeling herself about to cum again. The
woman behind the glass was so turned on, she started playing with
herself, cause he heard her moans getting louder too.

Ten minutes later, He came so hard, his screams were heard throughout
the store. But he started to feel so much like a freak at that moment, it
seems like, he couldn’t get enough. So after he finished cumming, he put
his penis back into her, and again, He was stroking fast and hard.
About five minutes later, he happened to look at his watch, and noticed
the time. She had a 4 o'clock bus to catch, and it was 3:47am. So he
stopped, and told her, "Baby, you are going to miss your bus." And she
whispered, "Damn baby, I wanted more, but I can't miss this bus, I have to

Lucky for them, her bus was just across the street, from where they were.
So they got dressed, and rushed out of the store, as unbelievable stares,
penetrates through them. He escorted her to the bus, and luck must have
been on their side, because they made it just in time.

He kissed her good-bye, and told her, "Call me when you get home, so I
know you got there safe, Ok?" And she replied, "Yes Baby, I will.... And
this will definitely be a night to remember. It’s on the top of my list, as my
best sexual experiences. We have to do this again." He blushed, as he
kissed her good-bye.