By Evan Michaels

While there is nothing hotter than some red-hot dirty talk, there is
also nothing worse than inappropriate awkward dirty talk.

So if you'd like to make sure you never create an embarrassing
situation for yourself by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time
than fear no more because here are the top 10 most common
dirty talk mistakes people make:

1.Too much too soon
2.Not enough
3.Poor timing
4.No believability
5.Too complicated
6.Trying to memorize lines
7.Not asking enough questions
8.Making the other person uncomfortable
9.Talking too much
10.Too vague

Too Much Too Soon

With dirty talk you can't just go from zero-to-hero out of the blue,
especially if you've been in a relationship for awhile. It's not

Start off slow, and don't do anything out of character (e.g
swearing / getting TOO nasty).

Not Enough

Have you ever cooked a meal for someone than watched them
eat it without making a sound? I haven't but I imagine it stinks. You
put in all that effort and they don't even mmmmm or ahhhh.

Sex is the same thing. If you're a mute in the sack chances are
your partner doesn't even know if you are being satisfied or not.
And that is UNsatisfying.

Poor Timing

There's a place and a time for everything. And if you get caught
saying the wrong thing in the wrong place, things are going to get
awkward FAST.

Save the sexy talk for sexy times and you'll be just fine.

Quick tip - don't use pet names for each other in front of others.
You will embarrass your partner.

No Believability

"You are such a bad boy/girl. I am going to punish you."

Some people like this kind of dirty talk (and it's up to YOU to figure
that out), but it's all about the delivery. If you try and role-play like
this and you aren't actually excited about, it's going to show.

The best way to avoid this is to only do things that you feel
comfortable with and enjoy. Be yourself.

Trying To Memorize Lines

You might be able to find some good ol' dirty talk phrases that
sound exciting and work for awhile. The biggest problem with this
method is that when your partner wants more (and they will) YOU
will run out of things to say. And there's nothing worse than being
in the heat of the moment and your mind freezes up.

If you actually learn how to talk dirty you will never run out of
things to say. Memorizing lines is a short cut that will ultimately
lead to embarrassment.

Not Asking Enough Questions

You're not a selfish lover right? Of course not! So stop giving one
word answers and reciprocating.

This doesn't go for everyone, but most of the time dirty talk is
initiated by one party (either the guy or girl) then the other person
tries to satisfy that person by giving them what they want.
However, if your partner is asking questions, AVOID just giving
one word yes or no answers.

Be specific, and ask them questions. This will take the heat off
you and get their imagination rocking!

Making The Other Person Uncomfortable

There are certain words that should not be said in the bedroom,
and despite what you might hear or see, the majority of people
are not freaks in the sack.

Avoid being too vulgar or nasty with your words unless they
initiate or ask.

Talking TOO Much

A lot of people talk when they get nervous, so if this is you, ZIP it.

Remember what makes dirty talk so exciting, the imagination! A lot
of times less is more, and once you learn how to get their
imagination running wild, you're going to start having some real

Being too chatty is a turn off, so if you notice you are talking way
more than your partner, stop talking.

Too Vague

"Oh yes, I like that!" "It feels so good."

Everybody has probably said something similar to the above
examples at one time or another, especially when starting out. But
being too vague with your words is, well, boring!

Be descriptive!

So a better way to say the exact same thing is "Oh (insert sexy
nickname here), I love it when you (verb) my (noun).

Generally the more specific you are the better! Not only will this
help you get what you want, but your partner will know you are
having fun if you get into it and that will turn them on!

REMEMBER -Dirty talk is about having fun.

It's okay to make mistakes, everyone does! But hopefully with
these tips you'll be able to have MORE excitement in your sex life
while worrying less about making a fool of yourself.

Today you learned what not to do. To learn all the right things to
do to really knock your partners socks off in bed
click here.

The Top 10 Most Common Dirty Talk Mistakes People Make
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